Well, isn’t that a kick in the virtue signal?

Lorrie Goldstein, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that "While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he wants Canada to lead the world in reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, the country that led the world in doing it last year was President Donald Trump’s United States ... [and, he adds] ... the … Continue reading Well, isn’t that a kick in the virtue signal?

Resetting our foreign policy

It is no secret, I think, to anyone who follows this blog that I regard Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's white paper on foreign policy, 'A Foreign Policy for Canadians,' as having been an act of policy vandalism. I continue to believe that Pierre Trudeau was driven by an intense need to find a way to … Continue reading Resetting our foreign policy

Getting it half right

The CBC's Aaron Wherry gets two important points right in an analysis of Justin Trudeau's climb down or change of heart or whatever it was yesterday: First, he says that Canada has "demonstrated that there's a significant well of public willingness to pursue reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples who originally occupied the land that is … Continue reading Getting it half right

It’s about time

So, I see in the Globe and Mail, in a story datelined at about 5:00PM EST on 21 February, that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling for an immediate end to rail blockades, noting his government’s calls for dialogue with Indigenous protesters have been ignored and the patience of Canadians is wearing thin." A small … Continue reading It’s about time

I’m repeating this …

... with little in the way of comment because I found it very informative and enlightening. It is a 'Twitter rant' by Margareta Dovgal, who is the Policy, Research and Strategy Manager at Headwater Strategy Group in Vancouver. She began with this ... ... and then she continues: "This is a *consensus-based participatory democracy.* That … Continue reading I’m repeating this …

Irish unity?

Ever since the Brexit became a reality (when Boris Johnson won a solid majority), I have wondered about the fates of Ireland and Scotland. Now, The Economist has taken up the issue in an article in the most recent edition. "For most of the century since Ireland gained independence from Britain," the article says, "control … Continue reading Irish unity?

This will not solve anything

So, I see that another barricade was erected near Edmonton by another group claiming to stand with the unelected hereditary chiefs of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation, another judge issued another injunction, another premier said the law will be enforced, another police force hummed and hawed, but this time, according to Global News, something was different. … Continue reading This will not solve anything