So, the preliminary, unofficial results of the Alberta referendum on equalization suggest that the “Yes” vote ~ Yes, Equalization should be removed from the Canadian constitution ~ is going to win by a substantial majority. That’s interesting and, most analysts suggest it is also totally inconsequential for three reasons: First, equalization is a political ‘feature’Continue reading “Equalization”

Another old thought revived

In an editorial the Globe and Mail says that last month’s federal election “was a reminder of how well our voting system works … [because, unlike in many other jurisdictions, including that of our great and powerful (and democratic) neighbour to the South] … None of the parties is claiming that the vote was “rigged.”Continue reading “Another old thought revived”

Dealing with China

David Mulroney, a former career foreign service officer whose career included a tour (2009-2012) as Canada’s ambassador to China, says, on social media that: “The key to a successful China policy is connectedness, something governments find hard to achieve. We finally have to understand that China is an economic power but also an expansionist, interfering,Continue reading “Dealing with China”

Some (old) thoughts on political leadership revisited

I want to revisit a few points I have made before. First, with regard to definitions. A liberal is someone who values individual liberty for every single individual, everywhere. Liberals believe that rights belong to individuals and that collectives ~ groups like communities and religions and the state, itself ~ have duties but not rights.Continue reading “Some (old) thoughts on political leadership revisited”