Another message

I think that, by negotiating the release of Canadian hostages Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor as part of the deferred prosecution agreement for Huawei’s golden girl Meng Wanzhou, United States President Joe Biden just sent a message. I think that message was to many countries. First, he reminded China that he wants peaceful relations; not warm or even friendly relations, but peaceful and correct ones. Second, he reminded a whole host of countries that the Americans take trade laws, including, especially, internationally impose sanctions, seriously and American regulators are not afraid to after the biggest companies in the ,most powerful nations. Third, he reminded the US-led West that America stands up for its friends. Fourth, I think he sent a direct message to Canada saying that he’s NOT sorry that we are excluded from his new “Three Eyes” security pact (AUKUS) but we are not completely out in the cold. We can and (as his nominee for US Ambassador to Canada explained) should get our policies better aligned with those of the USA and other Western allies.

I think messages 1, 2 and 3 came through loud and clear. I suspect number 4 did, too, but I doubt it will be listened to or acted upon. I reiterate that I believe, firmly, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just a puppet. I assert that his strings are being pulled by a shadowy cabal of very rich and powerful people with offices in Victoria Square in Montreal, Bay Street in Toronto, Wall Street, the City of London, Hong Kong and Zurich. I believe that everyone, including Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Katie Telford, Mark Garneau, Paul Desmarais Jr, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping know full well that Prime Minister Trudeau is intellectually shallow, unethical and, in every respect, totally unsuited for any leadership role, no matter how junior, anywhere, ever. But that suits the cabal just fine and they have surrounded him with capable minions and he does their bidding.

That cabal believes and it has staked a lot of money on the notion that America’s “moment” of supreme power is done and it is in irreversible able decline. The cabal believes that China is on the rise and will displace the USA by about mid century. The cabal is mistaken, in my view. I do not dispute that America’s “moment” of strategic (socio-cultural, economic, military, political-diplomatic) hyperpuissance has passed. I also do not dispute that China will continue to rise and that it will, very likely, achieve global super-power status. But I expect that China still has a long way to go and the path will not be smooth. India will rise, too, in direct competition, and the USA will “not go gentle into that good night.” Sometime after the youngest person reading this, maybe one of my pre-school grandsons in Australia, has died of old age and is buried, the USA will still be a formidable military power and, ver y likely, a social-cultural, economic and political-diplomatic one, too. But the cabal made its choice and while it may be right in 100+ years it is wrong for the next generation or two. Right or wrong, that cabal has an inordinately (unacceptable) strong hold on our current government and it has decided that Canada must placate China, even at the expense of close ties with our traditional allies and with the guarantor of our sovereignty and security.

Many people have been worried, for a long time, about the influence of money on politics. I think we have seen, here in Canada, how strong that influence can be ~ on both the Conservative and Liberal parties, too, I hasten to add. We are, I believe, seeing it now and I suspect that the influence is strong enough to force Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make the wrong strategic choice: to NOT listen to Joe Biden’s message about getting our, Canadians, strategic (foreign, defence, trade, energy) policies better aligned with those of the USA and its major allies. If I’m right, and I hope I’m not, then Canada will pay a price for being wrong.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

3 thoughts on “Another message

  1. So is Separation of Manitoba west the answer. Can we save what we have. Many out West view thing differently than Eastern Canada. Or are those Eastern feelings to entrenched already. Unless the West gets more power we are doomed. We/i have a different view of Canada than those in the east.

    1. It’s a question many more people are asking than is realised. Trudeau himself is not popular but neither is the Conservative party in urban areas, and I think it is much more an urban/rural divide than East/West. How do you think the West views things differently?

      1. Hello, I could sit here and write this out in paragraph form but I’m on a cell phone so I will give it to you in point form.
        1. Elected judges
        2. Control of immigration
        3. Equal navigational rights as eastern Canada
        4. Control of resource development
        5. Enshrined property rights ie gun issues not being used ever election as wedges.
        6. An end to the Indian act as that document is keeping the native population enslaved. It must be struck down.
        As write this and reread it sounds like Separation, maybe it is. I don’t know. But things have to change.

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