Left out (2). It’s worse than I imagined.

Following on from yesterday, I see, in the Globe and Mail, that “The United States, United Kingdom and Australia are forging a new defence pact meant to contain the military might of China in the Indo-Pacific … and] … The pact, dubbed AUKUS after the three countries’ initials, does not include Canada, raising the prospect that Ottawa could miss out on intelligence-sharing between some of its closest allies … [and, further] … The deal will see the countries share more military technologies and information than they currently do, some of it related to artificial intelligence, quantum computing and cyber capabilities. AUKUS’s first project will be to build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines for Australia.

Just take a look at those technologies ~ AI, quantum computing, cyber warfare ~ those are all areas vital to Canada’s security and prosperity and what are we focused on? Climate change and Québec’s latest attempts to make Canada into an illiberal state. China spews out more carbon in a week than Canada does in a year. China is aiming to displace America as the global guarantor of peace, security and trade. Do any of the dimwits in the Liberal government understand that? Why in hell is Prime Minister Trudeau attacking Alberta’s (relatively clean) oil industry rather than, for example, concentrating on making Canadian nuclear energy work for us?

A few days ago I said that Canada needs nuclear powered submarines to assert and protect our sovereignty in the waters we claim as our own. No one contradicted me. No one ever raises any serious, well-founded objections to nuclear submarines for Canada. It’s a no brainer. But, look at the last line in the quote above. Who is getting nuclear submarines? Australia … because it is a serious country with adult political leadership.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s regime has sidelines Canada. Ou strongest, most traditional allies have abandoned us. We have been sold out … to China.

I use that term “:sold out,” intentionally. I do NOT believe that Justin Trudeau is a traitor … for heaven’s sake, he’s not smart enough to betray anything. He’s barely able to memorize his lines. But a lot of people have invested a lot in China ~ the Desmarais family (of Power Corporation fame) and former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Bob Rae, Canada’s Ambassador to the UN, for example, are all closely tied together and even ore closely tied to the Canada-China trade file. I assert that the ‘China lobby’ in Canada is very, very powerful, very, very rich and extraordinarily well connected to Canada’s political leadership ~ Liberal and Conservative, alike. I further asset that it, not Justin Trudeau and Marc Garneau and the mandarins in Ottawa, drives Canada’s foreign, trade and fiscal policies. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is NOT a traitor … but he is puppet and people whose vital interests are centred on China, not Canada, pull the strings.

Why is Canada excluded from the AUKUS pact?

My guess is that Australia, Britain and the USA did not want to wait until after our election to make their announcement because they want to add Britain to the Asia-Pacific fold and they also want to help Britain to reform the G-7 by adding Australia, India and South Korea. They also, I suspect, do not want to deal with Prime Minister Trudeau on this issue because, quite simply, they do not believe that his Canada is, any longer, part of the US-led West. IF Canadians grow up an d reject Justin Trudeau ~ something the I believe will not happen next week ~ and then IF an O’Toole government shows that Canada is serious about the modern world ~ by e.g. getting tough on China ~ then Canada will be invited to join.

But, IF, as I expect, Canadians elect another Liberal government then I am certain that Canada will be pushed further and further to the margins, possibly pushed out of a new G-8 (I would not be surprised if Italy is also pushed out) and that the ‘Five Eyes’ will be rendered less effective while a new, much more important ‘Three Eyes’ group will emerge – the Australian Signals Directorate, Britains GCHQ and the American NSA.

There is a lot at stake on Monday. Until yesterday Canadians were not aware of how badly their country has slipped in status since 2015. Now we are. Our voltes must count. Any vote for any Liberal party candidate is a vote for Canada to become a colony of China.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

6 thoughts on “Left out (2). It’s worse than I imagined.

  1. good to see you back Ted! Unfortunately I don’t think Canada is viewed as a serious country by anyone right now. It’s not all on Trudeau II but he hasn’t helped. I’m not convinced that nuclear submarines are the way to go for either Australia or Canada, but only one country is making a commitment. Personally I think Australia would be better off with an evolved Collins and 18 to 24 B21’s

    1. But nothing but a nuclear sub ~ NOTHING ~ can patrol under the whole Arctic icepack. (An ‘air-independent-propulsion’ boat can only hover around the edges.) We claim that water as our own, if we don’t have nuclear boats our claims are 100% worthless. TINA (There Is NO Alternative).

      1. You are right in that the ice pack and patrol areas for Canada indicate a need for nuclear propulsion just as much if not more than Australia where the reasons usually stated are travel to and time on station to the South China Sea. I’m not sure the South China Sea/Indonesian Archipelago/Arctic Archipelago are prime areas for nuclear submarine operations minus the ice issue. I don’t think it will ever happen for Canada especially after missing out on this opportunity. A commitment to replacing the Victoria Class is about all we can hope for. One has to think that Canada and NZ are such a lesser part of the Five Eyes community that we are likely to be replaced by more reliable allies like the Netherlands and Singapore

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