Worrying prognostications

Tom Mulcair, a pretty savvy politician I think we can all agree, says, in an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen, that “Anyone who entertained doubts that Justin Trudeau is doing everything he can to clear the runway for a spring election only had to look at events of last week to understand that he’s going to go to the polls as soon as he decently can … [because] … From gun control to language rights, Team Trudeau has been checking the boxes on unfulfilled promises and making new ones on the pandemic front.

RUSSELL WANGERSKY: Cheap humour can cut both ways | Local-Perspectives |  Opinion | The Telegram
Warren Kinsella, satirist - Dawg's Blawg (Blog)

And, as Jean Chrétien’s former “war-room” boss and now political commentator Warren Kinsella says, in the Toronto Sun, whoever leaked a “cringe worthy” and “puerile” video of Erin O’Tool and an outhouse is tying to make sure he wins a solid majority with ease. Mr Kinsella guesses that “someone” is on Mr O’Toole’s team and he (Kinsella) recommends some blood-letting.

Economic Development and Official Languages Minister Mélanie Joly looks on as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a news conference in Ottawa, Friday, October 2, 2020. The policy paper on official languages that Joly presented last week "had a little something for everyone," Tom Mulcair writes.

Mr Mulcair praises Mélanie Joly for what he calls here “sterling” work on the language file. Even though, as I said a few days ago, I believe it is going to damage national unity, he says, and I agree, that Team Trudeau has “pulled off a classic Liberal masterstroke: fortifying key parts of his base and making them inaccessible to his opponents.

Bill Blair, Tom Mulcair opines, was far less successful with the gun control file. It is, in fact, incoherent, and stupid is not to strong a word, and while it may do real, measurable harm to the few remaining Liberals who hold rural seats, especially in Québec it, dumb or not, is going to play well, I think, in urban Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and even Edmonton where fear of gun violence is, with good reason, pervasive ~ because progressive politicians are afraid to tackle gangs and illegal guns ~ even if it is confined to a very few neighbourhoods.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been dreadful. He has demonstrated, beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is totally incapable of leading anything. When other leaders, like Australia’s Scott Morrison, for example, were, a year ago, closing their air borders, thus partially containing the “importation” of the virus, Justin Trudeau, was, for his own reasons, allowing visitors from e.g. China and Iran and Europe and so on to enter Canada without even having their temperatures taken at Canadian airports. His actions were so negligent that they border on being criminal. But the media barely bothered; in fact some journalists joined him in condemning travel bans as being racist … apparently stupidity is contagious, too. Then, when other leaders including even Donald Trump, were actually ‘Securing” guaranteed delivery of vaccines, he failed, again, because, I think, he was too busy trying to cover up his and his family’s involvement in the WE Charity Scandal. But the media, in the main, has allowed him to skate past both failures and now many journalists are busy spreading “good news” stories that vaccines will arrive “soon.” While the WE Charity thing is back in a parliamentary committee, the media has, essentially ignored it. Neither it nor the Uyghur genocide thing will be allowed to stick to Justin Trudeau. Mr Mulcair suggests that if things, finally, go well, likely of their own accord rather than any prime ministerial effort, “those those promises would mean that by late spring, most Canadians would be looking back at the pandemic.

Tom Mulcair says that Québec is the key to Liberal success. He assumes, I suppose, that Erin O’Toole cannot make the breakthrough he must have in Ontario’s suburbs if he is to have any hope of victory. In Québec, he says, both the NDP and the Greens are “inconsequential,” and since Québec is a generally progressive place and since he perceives that the Bloctilts more and more right wing on key social issues,” even if the Liberals lose a handful of rural seats he suggest that a Trudeau victory, even a majority, is likely. I’m afraid he may be right.

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Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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