It will surprise no one,” the Globe and Mail‘s John Ibbitson wrote in that newspaper, “if investigations into the attack on the Capitol Building last Wednesday conclude the Proud Boys were among the main culprits.” And it will surprise even fewer (if that’s even possible) that the Liberal Party will try to use whatever tool happens to come their way to smear Erin O’Tool’s Conservatives and, as Mr Ibbitson says, “prominent Liberals aren’t waiting for official reports or arrest warrants. They know that most Canadians despised U.S. President Donald Trump even before he incited the mob that attacked Congress … [and] … the Tories have a political problem that the Grits are happy to exploit. Although it’s ludicrous to conflate support for the Conservative Party with support for white nationalism or any other form of racism – let’s not forget that more people voted Conservative in the previous election than for any other political party – there are Canadians who support Mr. Trump, and some of them also support the Conservatives.

The Trudeau Liberals are desperate to distract Canadians from the prime ministers real, obvious failings:

  • Of immediate concern ~ the failure to secure anything like enough doses of the vaccines needed to protect Canadians from the COVID-19 virus. Oh, we probably do have more options to buy more doses than any other country on earth (400 million doses for only 30 million adult Canadians (assuming some will not want to be vaccinated) but it appears that most countries, unlike Canada, actually got firm deals in which companies like Pfizer and Moderna really deliver the drugs; and
  • Of seemingly greater concern ~ the ongoing WE Charity Scandal which is still making global headlines, even if too much of the Canadian media has decided it’s not news any more. The totally indisputable fact is that the Trudeau Liberals mounted a Watergate level coverup attempt in the summer and fall ~ improperly redacted documents, the blatantly partisan prorogation of Parliament, and filibustering of committees. Why would they do that? I hope you will all forgive me if I conclude, again, as I do day-after-day, that it is most likely because the Liberals are trying to conceal Watergate level wrongdoing by Prime Minister Trudeau. And I need to reaffirm that when I say “Watergate level wrongdoing” I mean that it might even be criminal in nature.

What the Liberal are doing by dragging out poor, confused, old Bill Blair to talk about converting the Proud Boys from a bunch of mouth-breathing losers into full-fledged terrorists, is trying to change the channel. They hope that enough Canadians, especially those who live in “the swath of suburban ridings surrounding Toronto” where, Mr Ibbitson says, the next election will be won or lost, will believe the rubbish lies the Liberals have on offer. “Those ridings,” he explains, “contain large numbers of immigrant voters. The Liberals know that if they can plant the notion in people’s minds that the Conservatives are racially intolerant, those voters will reject the party.” So, they’re not just trying to change the channel, the Trudeau Liberals are playing the race and fear cards, too. They really are desperate. I think they fear that, as I suggested a few days ago, Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives are doing well in the small towns and suburbs in Southern Ontario and that will cost them the majority they so desperately want.

PolySciWatch: The Political Attack Ad | Nina's Soap Bubble Box

It must be clear to all but the most blindly partisan Canadian voters that Justin Trudeau is, as the Conservative Party said over five years ago, “just not ready.” He wasn’t then, and he isn’t now. He did not, as some (even me) hoped he would, grow into the job. In fact he got worse when power was in his hands. What has he achieved in over five years? Canada’s climate change performance ~ he never budged from Prime Minister Harper’s goals ~ is rated as insufficient, and that’s being charitable. The promise of a balanced budget was tossed out the window a couple of years ago and our deficits are now soaring towards la-la land. Our foreign relations with several important countries are in the sewer. Our borders remain more like sieves than control points. Our prime minister has been described ~ by Parliament’s own ethics watchdog ~ as having an ethical blind spot. But, my goodness, I almost forgot, he did keep one promise: it’s now legal to walk around smoking pot, isn’t it?

While Justin Trudeau might be desperate for a majority so that he can continue to cover up his and his family’s roles in the WE Charity Scandal, I believe that it is obvious that Canada desperately needs a new, honest, ethical, competent government led by a person who, despite what the Trudeau Liberals and their lapdogs in some (not all) parts of the media might say, “condemns right-wing extremism, supports a robust immigration policy … [and] … defends the rights of LGBTQ Canadians and other minorities.”

But there is one thing upon which Canadians can depend: Justin Trudeau and his ministers and his MPs and his Liberal Party officials and his “voices” in the Laurentian Elites and his paid propagandists in the CBC will all lie as much as they can in order to hang on to the power they so desperately want.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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