Simple incompetence?

Do we all remember Hanlon’s razor?

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It doesn’t have quite as much philosophical weight as Occam’s razor, given that Mr Hanlon seems to have submitted it (1980) as part of a compilation of jokes about Murphy’s Law, which everyone who has ever been in he military, in any country, knows is not a joking matter because, as we used to say, “Murphy was an optimist.”

On social media one person who I follow asked this question:

It seems to me that Dr David Jacobs is saying that Justin Trudeau and his whole government is, simply, incompetent and we shouldn’t look much father to discover why Canada’s vaccination programme is so anaemic.

I suspect that he is, broadly and generally, right about the simple incompetence of the Trudeau regime. I think Team Trudeau’s fixation on governing from the centre (to an extent that even Stephen Harper must find astonishing) has effectively neutered even his few able ministers …

… and few of them are in what one might call top-tier portfolios when measured in terms of Prime Minister Trudeau’s evident priorities. One can only imagine what life is like in the civil service when almost every government decisions seems to be made for partisan political, not good public policy reasons.

And that, I think, is what lies behind the apparently failing (at least so the available data suggests) Canadian vaccination programme:

  • First ~ simple incompetence; but
  • Second ~ there never was a Canadian vaccination programme. There was a well crafted public relations programme which said allowed e.g. Rosemary Barton to say “Oh, look! Justin Trudeau has ordered hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines. He’s saved us all! Isn’t he great?

The Team Trudeau effort, since July, when the WE Charity Scandal became a serious, even, it seems to me, a dangerous issue, has been focused on only two things:

My contention is that the COVID-19 global pandemic was never top-of-mind for the Trudeau Liberals; it was, always, just something ~ nuisance or opportunity, depending upon the circumstances ~ which could be used to aid their campaign for their real priorities, which include Justin Trudeau’s Katie Telford’s the people who pull Trudeau’s strings’ own version of a Great Reset. The Trudeau Liberals might be simply incompetent when it comes to governing ~ I will never argue against that point of view ~ but, I assert, they are not aimless or adrift. Canada is, in fact, being steered on a new course which is largely unknown, except to a very few, and I suspect that new course is NOT one upon which most working-class and middle-class Canadians want to embark.

I suspect also that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is very sincere in believing most of the feminist, green and all the other überprogressive ideas he spouts. I agree that everyone, Canadian or not, inside government or out, has a right to tell the prime minister what he should do …

Brock Blaszczyk takes a break at the the rehab centre at CFB Edmonton.

… and the prime minister can and must choose which advice to heed. I think Justin Trudeau has made his choice and I believe that the policy choices he has made ~ an aggressive war (there’s not better word, I’m sad to say) against Western Canadian energy producers, higher and higher carbon taxes, appeasing China, his downright callous disregard for the plight of First Nations and wounded veterans, covering up the extent of his own involvement in the WE Charity Scandal and cultivating something akin to a cult of personality ~ all reflect a combination of his own personal proclivities and the advice or guidance or counsel which he chooses or is compelled, by the exigencies of politics, to heed.

So, why is Canada lagging behind in vaccinations? Is it ten universally poor provincial governments who can’t manage the process? Or has one simply incompetent federal government screwed up the procurement of vaccines? And, if it is the second, or even if the second is just a contributing factor, then why did the feds, as we used to say, screw the pooch? Was it, again, simple incompetence or was it something else? Once again, I assert it is some of each. Team Trudeau is simply incompetent ~ I don’t think most Canadians ~ 60+%, at least, at a guess ~ would argue that point. But I also think that responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic was never, not since July, anyway, a priority for Team Trudeau. Their focus was elsewhere: the only reasons that I can imagine for a Watergate level coverup of the WE Charity Scandal is …

… to cover up Watergate level wrongdoing. And that, possibly criminal wrongdoing in a wholly unrelated matter, is I believe, the main reason why Canada lags behind so many other countries in getting a vaccine into the arms of its citizens.

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