We must, first, “go honest” if we want to “go green”

A couple of days ago I recommended that the Conservative Party should, loudly and clearly, “first promise a suite of polices that address global climate change on a global basis and promise that Canada will do its fair and full share to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions … {and then, albeit quietly] … start preparingContinue reading “We must, first, “go honest” if we want to “go green””

An opportunity

So, I saw two things: First, on my own social media feed, in response to my contention that a (reported) majority of Canadians is wrong and Canada must become “bigger and better” in the 21st century by adapting our immigration regime to accepting many more immigrants, year-after-year and decade-after-decade, there was this: That’s arrant nonsenseContinue reading “An opportunity”

Confirmation bias

This post is an almost perfect example of confirmation bias. I agree, as I said yesterday, pretty much fully, with almost everything that Andrew MacDougall said in a recent article in Macleans’s magazine and I’m going to inflict his views, with my comments, on you, too. First: Derek Sloan finished fourth in a four-person partyContinue reading “Confirmation bias”

What MUST happen

So, three things caught my eye today: First was a very informative piece in Politico about who has the power to “make or break” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2021. Not surprisingly a lot of Liberal ministers are there, especially some, like Patty Hajdu and Anita Anand who are in the news for less thanContinue reading “What MUST happen”

Pipelines, anyone?

With apologies to Charles Dickens: ‘Keystone XL was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of its burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Biden signed it: and Biden’s name was good upon ’Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to.Continue reading “Pipelines, anyone?”


So, I saw this in the Hill Times: It is, Abbas Rana says, being seen by some observers as “an “unofficial kick off” of the next federal election campaign.” Really? The COVID-19 pandemic rages, but we are at zero vaccine deliveries, Parliament has shuttered for seven weeks, US President Biden has just pulled the plugContinue reading “Really?”

Long term storage

About three months ago I asked if we wanted long term care for all of our elderly or just long term long term storage for those not really closely related to us. The continual shocking news from long term care homes here in Ontario and elsewhere suggests that, years ago, I suppose, we opted forContinue reading “Long term storage”

It is time (6)

A couple of days ago I said that “I believe that five priorities in any policy area is about all that any government, even the best one, can manage,” and I guess that applies to me and my unsolicited advice to the Conservative Party, too. I have over the past few days said that itContinue reading “It is time (6)”