Getting it wrong, again

Doug Saunders, the Globe and Mail‘s international affairs columnist, says, in that newspaper, “That Justin Trudeau has picked a fight with Narendra Modi is, by itself, not an unwelcome development … [even if] … By making supportive-sounding remarks about the farmers’ protests that have exploded across some northern states of India in response to Mr.Continue reading “Getting it wrong, again”

How much is enough? (3)

Usually, when I ask “How much is enough?” I’m arguing for spending 2% of GDP on our national defence or for fiscal discipline. Over two years ago I said, “we do not, I believe, have a revenue problems in Canada, we have spending problems ~ not just one, almost everything, except perhaps making interest paymentsContinue reading “How much is enough? (3)”

The carbon tax, again

Well, the carbon tax is back in the news again, isn’t it? Almost three years ago I wrote about the utility of a carbon tax and I compared it to the familiar “sin taxes” that governments levy on e.g. alcohol and tobacco and, in some places, on activities like prostitution and gambling. A few monthsContinue reading “The carbon tax, again”

Generally speaking …

Last week, Professor Stephen Saideman, who is the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University and also the Director of the Canadian Defence and Security Network and, therefore, someone whose views on military matters and, especially, the issue of civilian control of the military, matter, was quite critical of President-elect Biden’s decision to appointContinue reading “Generally speaking …”

Where are we? (7)

So, I saw this in the Newcastle Herald: “There was a tinge of sadness this week as the chapter closed on one of the Australian Defence Force’s most enduring combat aircraft, the Williamtown-based classic F/A-18 Hornet … [and] … A mainstay of Williamtown RAAF Base’s exemplary No. 77 Squadron, the Hornets are being grounded asContinue reading “Where are we? (7)”

The CBC’s death rattle?

I see in an article in the Globe and Mail that over hundreds of current CBC journalists and personalities, including, it says, “Anna Maria Tremonti, Michael Enright, Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay, Mark Kelley, Carol Off, Katie Nicholson and Nahlah Ayed” … [and] … dozens of former staff, including Adrienne Clarkson, former Fifth Estate host Linden MacIntyre andContinue reading “The CBC’s death rattle?”

This post is …

Some days bring news that is harder and harder to believe … like this story, in the Globe and Mail, which says that “Government documents, seen by The Globe and Mail and marked secret and for Canadian eyes only, show that officials at the highest levels of Global Affairs were alarmed that General Jonathan Vance,Continue reading “This post is …”

Where are we? (6)

A recent paper by a bevy of RAND Corporation researchers led by Dr Abbie Tingstad, who is a senior physical scientist and associate director of the Engineering and Applied Sciences Department at the RAND Corporation begins by saying “International interest in polar regions continues to grow, bringing with it increasing concerns about competition, safety, economicContinue reading “Where are we? (6)”