Getting it wrong, again

Doug Saunders, the Globe and Mail‘s international affairs columnist, says, in that newspaper, “That Justin Trudeau has picked a fight with Narendra Modi is, by itself, not an unwelcome development … [even if] … By making supportive-sounding remarks about the farmers’ protests that have exploded across some northern states of India in response to Mr. Modi’s agriculture reform bills, the Canadian Prime Minister has managed to upset his Indian counterpart enough that New Delhi has called Canada’s high commissioner on the carpet and cancelled its officials’ appearances at Canadian-hosted events this week … [however] … As with many of Mr. Trudeau’s international incidents, it doesn’t feel like a carefully calculated move; it emerged from an ethnic outreach campaign (in this case a town hall for Sikh voters), and his intended message isn’t terribly clear.” In other words Justin Trudeau may have done the right thing for all the wrong reasons: his relentless political shilling for the Sikh vote in several ridings has led him, yet again to make a policy blunder.

Prime Minister of India - Wikipedia

Prime Minister Modi, Mr Saunders explains, is doing a lot of things in India that ought to provoke concern and cautious diplomatic questions, if not public comment, from other liberal-democratic leaders, but his agricultural reforms, about which so many farmers are complaining so vociferously, is not one of them. The only thing wrong with his farm reform plans, Doug Saunders says, is that they weren’t begun six years ago.

Justin Trudeau was right to condemn that violence, and defend the right to protest,” Mr Saunders says, “But in making it about the farmers, he picked the wrong target. Their resistance to change is Asia’s biggest source of poverty and misery.” Which strikes me as being typical: Justin Trudeau is on the politically-correct side of every progressive cause and issue even when, usually, he has no idea about the matter at hand.

India is a rising power. It has the potential to be, at least, a great regional power and it may be the key to containing China’s expansion plans. It is, also, the world’s greatest democracy and, like other democracies, it has had, has and will have less than stellar leaders and it is highly likely that Mr Modi will be replaced with someone with different views and policies … just as will, for example, Donald J Trump and Justin P Trudeau, two other less than stellar corrupt and inept leaders.

India should be near the top of any list of Canada’s important friends. Some observers expect it to be one of the world’s top three economies by 2040, and it already is an important (nuclear armed) military power and with 1.4 million men and women under arms (full time service) it is the world’s second largest military force (after China) and the world’s largest non-conscripted force. That (near the top of Canada’s list of friends) is where it was, traditionally, because Louis St Laurent, John Diefenbaker, Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, John Turner, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin Jr and Stephen Harper all understood Canada’s vital, long-term, strategic interests and put them above winning a few more votes in a few suburban ridings. Now, in 2020, Canada has a prime minister with too little intellectual capability and too much theatrical ambition who risks making us an international laughing stock and, worse, doing serious damage to our long-term strategic and economic interests as he alienates potential big customers ~ that Canadian hosted event which Indian officials boycotted was, I am pretty sure, aimed at strengthening trade ~ while shilling for a few more votes …

… in ridings like Mississauga-Malton, Waterloo and Vancouver South.

As usual, Prime Minister Justin gets policy and politics all back-asswards and Canada suffers for his chronic inability to do the right things in the right way. Canada deserves better. It’s time for a real change.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

2 thoughts on “Getting it wrong, again

  1. Ted, So right, and you can add the 300,000 or so Sikhs in Surrey BC to the list of “suburbs whose majority inhabitants maintain a closeness borne of shared heritage and a millennia long developed sense of survival. BC has always had a good measure of crooked or inept politicians, but the current situation in Surrey is the bellwether for provincial politics and control in the province. The mayor, a declared conservative at one point and now with nothing to lose at 76 and the bit in his crooked teeth is championing a change of police force in the city, vociferishly calling down the “Ottawa controlled” RCMP, that has policed the city since 1951 and doing by all track records, a good job. He does this in kowtowing to a South Asian businessman, whom he thanked personally for “getting him elected” in 2018. On 16 Dec 2019 he addressed, as the only (except for his citycouncillor girlfriend) white persons in the group of “demonstrators” and told them “I will get you your police force”. He has misrepresented, lied, lives in conflict of interest and is completely under the thrall of the South Asian businessman and his cronies. There are many South Asians in the city and elsewhere who see the policing issue becoming an extension of the businessman’s power. It is complicated by the presence of an agenda seeking police group who see regional and eventually provincial police as the answer.
    Surrey has been hull down for a long time, having some years years ago jailed their own mayor, the home of suspects that perped the air India bombing, machete murders, a group of Canada wide indo Canadian gangs, a massive GST fraud, continuing murders and nefarious acts. The leaders of 7 gurdwaras interviewed on CBC in Jan 2020 declared that “We need our own police force and it must be represententative of the population”. There was a purported massive (2000 cars) march (drive) on the Indian consulate in Vancouver in support of the farmers, triggered, in part, by trudeau’s disingenious grandstanding. The 905 53 of 54 put him back in power; clearly assembling populations in geographic areas is a potentially powerful phenomenon. At the end of the day, the situation municipially, provincially and nationally is not about racism or discrimination, it is more simply bad powerful persons doing bad selfish things and using the gullible to strengthen their power. 10000 of almost 50000 signatures to keep the RCMP in Surrey are South Asian by name, very many women who say “I came to Canada to get away from what the mayor and his backers are doing, and I trust the RCMP.”

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