How much is enough? (3)

Usually, when I ask “How much is enough?” I’m arguing for spending 2% of GDP on our national defence or for fiscal discipline. Over two years ago I said, “we do not, I believe, have a revenue problems in Canada, we have spending problems ~ not just one, almost everything, except perhaps making interest payments on the public debt, can be done more efficiently and more effectively … saving billions and then tens of billions out of an annual spending plan of more than $311 Billion is possible. In fact, I would argue that a better disciplined government could eliminate the deficit ($17+Billion in 2018) and raise the defence budget to something like 2% of GDP over the next seven years without doing anything except very useful ‘fat trimming‘ surgery to our much loved social safety net.

I still stand by all those arguments, but I saw this on social media…

… and it got me to thinking and, this time, I want to ask you, especially my fellow Canadians, how much is enough of this? How much of …

Aga Khan sails into eco storm over purchase of private tropical island in  Bahamas | Daily Mail Online

illegal vacations on a billionaire’s private island? and

Trudeau says he 'did not act inappropriately' in latest comment on  anonymous groping allegation - National |

… pretty well documented allegations that he (long before he was prime minister) “groped” a journalist and then told us that we all needed to learn from her experience because she didn’t “experience” something that verged on being sexual assault in the same way he did? and

pierrepoilievre on Twitter: "Trudeau is silencing Jody Wilson-Raybould with  his solicitor-client privilege. Sign my petition to stop the #CoverUp and  #LetHerSpeak…"

… the attempted coverup of Prime Minister Trudeau’s clumsy attempt to subvert justice and interfere with prosecutorial independence because some of his Québec cronies were in legal trouble? and

No regrets in SNC Lavalin affair, Wilson Raybould and Philpott say - APTN  News

… the expulsion of Dr Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal caucus for the heinous crime of protesting against Justin Trudeau’s deceit and duplicity? and

In an inspired performance, Norman lawyer Marie Henein did incalculable  damage to the Trudeau brand | Canada | News | The Chronicle Herald

… the malicious prosecution of Vice Admiral Mark Norman for the “crime” of doing his job? and

A back road to hope: Immigrants flood into Canada on foot at unofficial  crossings - The Globe and Mail

failing to secure our borders? and

Justin Trudeau: New video of Canada's PM in blackface - BBC News

… multiple instances of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface and then telling Canadians that we should learn to do better? and

PM warns against discrimination at Lunar New Year event as fears of  coronavirus spread | CBC News

Justin Trudeau lecturing Canada on the perils of racism when other countries, with adult leadership, were closing their borders to air travel or, at the very least, taking the temperatures of incoming passengers? There’s a reason why only several hundred Australians have died fromCOVID-19 while Canada’s death toll is over 12,000 ~ the reason is that Justin Trudeau Failed. and

The other WE Charity scandal: White saviourism

redacting documents, proroguing parliament and sending his Liberal backbenchers to committees to filibuster in order to try to coverup his (and his family’s) role in the growing WE Charity Scandal? and, now

SECRET MILITARY DOCUMENTS: Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian  military bases - YouTube

… the news that Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland invited China to send troops to Canada for training so that they would be better prepared to fight against Canada and our allies?

When is enough just enough? When will enough Canadian voters have enough of Justin Trudeau’s “blind spot on ethics” and his kowtowing to China and his overblown sense of personal entitlement? Rumour has it that he is planning for a spring election ~ in large measure because he thinks he can win a majority (after all, Premiers Higgs and Hogan did and Premier Moe increased his) and finish the coverup of the WE Charity Scandal which seems to frighten him so much.

The polls seem to be in his favour, although the CBC‘s aggregation of polls says that he and the Liberals are still in minority territory …

… but I expect a flurry of announcements ~ about vaccines, about more health care funding, about new benefits ~ starting early in the New Year … if the Liberal tacticians think a majority is within reach.

Canadians should tell them, loudly and clearly, that a majority is NOT on for Justin Trudeau, nor is a minority. Canadians should tell the Liberals that “enough is enough” and they plan to throw Justin Trudeau and most of his send rate cabinet ministers on to …

People Reviewing Ghazipur Garbage Dump on Google | NewsGram

… the political trash heap, where they belong. The Liberal Party of Canada needs a decade and more on the opposition benches to assess itself, to reform itself, to recover its historic values of honest and fiscal responsibility. It needs to rid itself of the stench of Justin Trudeau’s cult-of-personality and personal dishonesty. Canadians have had enough. Trudeau Must Go.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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