A good step, but …

So, I see that former Ontario Finance Minister Rod Philipps has resigned from Doug Ford’s cabinet. Good; that’s an important first step. As John Ibbitson says, Mr Philipps is a talented person and he will, be missed, but, the article says that “The Premier said he has asked President of the Treasury Board, Minister Peter…… Continue reading A good step, but …

Justin Trudeau Failed (2)

Grant Robertson, writing a few days ago in the Globe and Mail, said: “As a global pandemic began to take root in February, China held a series of backchannel conversations with Canada, lobbying the federal government to keep its borders open.” The main point of Mr Robertson’s report is that successive Governments, Conservative and Liberal,…… Continue reading Justin Trudeau Failed (2)

Doug Ford (2)

Back in the Spring I said that “Premier Ford has stepped up, during the COVID-19 crisis, to become ‘Captain Canada.’ His instincts and his “everyman” approach are exactly what Ontario, and, indeed, all of Canada needs today. Premier Ford understands the fears and hopes of the truck driver and grocery store clerk and the hospital nurse.…… Continue reading Doug Ford (2)

“We’ve been spanked, we’ll pick up our game”

I see that General (retired) Rick Hiller has taken responsibility for the decision to halt Ontario’s vaccination programme over the Christmas holiday. He told CTV News that ““We shouldn’t (have) made that decision. I take responsibility for that. And clearly, we got it wrong. We’ve been slammed, we’ve been spanked, we’ll pick up our game…… Continue reading “We’ve been spanked, we’ll pick up our game”

Losing the struggle for values

Dr Zack Cooper a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Laura Rosenberger, a Senior Fellow at and Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy in Washington, DC, say, in an article in Foreign Affairs that in “today’s competition between democracies and authoritarian powers is more than a power struggle: values lie at its…… Continue reading Losing the struggle for values

Saving the Canadian media (2)

So, a bit before Christmas I saw this on social media: W. Jeffrey Brown is the founder of Fourth Estate which proclaims that its role is “To contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.” The word sustainable caught my eye. Traditionally, since the 18th century, the…… Continue reading Saving the Canadian media (2)

A new airplane

Back in 2016 Andrew MacDougall, a pretty Conservative fellow, having been Prime Minister Harper’s director of communications, complained that we Canadians were treating our head of government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, like a low-cost package holiday traveller when it came to doing the work we want done in international fora. His specific complaint was about…… Continue reading A new airplane

It’s Boxing Day

Some readers (those not from Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand) may wonder why we celebrate fisticuffs on the day after Christmas … do we take a swing at those who gave us gifts we didn’t fancy? No, it’s not that, it’s an old British custom, dating from at least the early 19th century ……… Continue reading It’s Boxing Day