Nothing sticks

Please watch/listen to this discussion between Brian Lilley and Warren Kinsella of Sun News discussing the emerging vaccine scandal. I’ll write, later, about whether or not Mr Kinsella is right; for now, please focus on 2’05” to 2’35” ~ just 30 seconds ~ when Brian Lilley makes the point that “nothing sticks to this guy,” nothing sticks to Justin Trudeau. He lies, he tries to interfere with criminal prosecutions, he takes illegal trips, he wears blackface, he royally screws up relations with India, an emerging regional power, but he skates past each and every scandal.


Pierre Trudeau obituary, Pierre Elliott Trudeau dead at 80, 2000 notable  death - Los Angeles Times

I think the answer is because most of the Canadian media are spokespersons for the Laurentian Consensus. The Laurentian Consensus says that Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s greatest ever prime minister. The facts, of course, are exactly the opposite. I, and others, believe that Pierre Trudeau was, in fact Canada’s worst ever prime minister who did serious, possible irreversible damage to our nations strategic, economic and social interests. But the Laurentian Elites worship his memory. Worship is not too strong a word; it is like a cult. He is remembered as being something between a philosopher-king and a sex symbol. Perhaps he was the latter. In the mid 1960s Canadians were obsessed (not too strong a word) with the memory of John F Kennedy, but our national political leaders were two First World War veterans …

… I suppose that, in comparison, Pierre Trudeau radiated sex appeal even though he had sat out the war because, he said, it didn’t matter to French Canadians. It wasn’t that he was a physical coward; it was that he had no moral compass. But he is sacred to the Laurentian Elites: worshipped as, at least, a demigod.

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And that, I believe, is why “nothing sticks” to Justin Trudeau. If the media took a long, hard, honest look at Justin Trudeau then. someone might wonder where his goofy ideas, like the “post national state,” and his obvious, limousine-liberal economic ignorance, and his sense of personal entitlement came from, and that same someone might look more closely at Pierre Trudeau and realize that Justin Trudeau is his father’s son and that papa Pierre had feet of clay, and that might bring the whole edifice toppling down into the dust, where it belongs.

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