This needs public, official condemnation

There is a report in the Globe and Mail which says that the Ottawa based Come From China News account on WeChat, a popular Chinese owned message site (similar to WhatsApp), posted messages extolling China’s role in the Korean War in which over 26,000 Canadians fought and in which over 500 were killed in action, mostly by the Chinese or North Koreans.

The current, Liberal government, which I and others have criticized for being too soft on China, needs to step up and firmly and publicly condemn the people and organizations, by name, who support a cruel regime that, contrary to international law, waged an aggressive war against a peaceful state.

“Seventy years ago, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Korean people fought together to resist the invasion, took the initiative to attack and achieved victory! Let us remember this great victory,” wrote Tracy Law, a Vancouver financial adviser and president of the Guangzhou Fellow-students Association of Canada and president of the Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Canada.” Let’s start by ensuring that neither the Guangzhou Fellow-students Association of Canada nor the Guangdong Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Canada can ever receive one penny of government support, including tax breaks, and that no Member of Parliament or government official ever has anything to do with them or with Ms Law.

In the same WeChat post, Lu Hongmin, executive director of the Federation of Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Community Organizations, reprised comments from Mr. Xi deploring the “Cold War mentality” of the United States and praising China for sending its armies to support Pyongyang after U.S.-led forces, including Canadians, pushed the North Koreans out of Seoul and back to their side of the 38th parallel … [and] … “American aircraft invaded North Korea, repeatedly bombed the northeast border area of China, causing serious losses to peoples’ lives and property, and our country’s [China’s] security was facing a serious threat,” Mr. Lu wrote, quoting Mr. Xi.” Let’s apply the same treatment to the Federation of Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Community Organizations and to Mr Lu.

Ms Law and Mr Lu have already tried to back-peddle, but that is far from enough. Nothing will do except for total abject apologies from Ms Law and Mr Lu and from the organizations they represent, accompanied by statements that condemn Chinese authoritarianism and its treatment of Canadian hostages and its threats to Canadians in Hong Kong.

This is just another part of China’s “wolf-warrior diplomacy” ~ this time using Canadian organizations to attack Canada. And those statement were a political attack on liberty and democracy in Canada. They cannot be tolerated. The Government of Canada must, publicly, condemn these statements and disassociate itself, thoroughly and completely, from the people who made them.

There is nothing wrong with Canadians being proud of what China has accomplished over the millennia and, especially over the past 40 years, since Deng Xiaoping took over from Mao. There is nothing wrong with feeling bad about the loss of life that occur in wars, great and small, all lives are precious; good men and women often die for bad causes.

There is something very, very wrong with extolling a country that went to war against the United Nations and, explicitly, against Canada. Apologies are not enough. All those who are part of the Come From China News group should face official, public condemnation from the Government of Canada.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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