An Election? Why?

I see, in the Globe and Mail, that Marieke Walsh and Paul Waldie report that “The Liberals are threatening opposition parties with an election if the Conservatives move ahead Tuesday with their attempt to create a special “anti-corruption” committee in the House of Commons.” Well, Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives did that very thing today, specifying that their motion does NOT provide grounds for a general election, because they, unlike the NDP, are ready for an election. They have a team …

… of honest, principled, capable people, and a moderate, responsible programme to rescue Canada from the Trudeau-Freeland follies, and a leader who is unstained by blackface or a string of ethical violations. They are ready. They are not afraid of the truth nor of the Canadian people.

What’s next for the Liberals?

As the Globe and Mail‘s journalists point out, Justin Trudeau need not engineer a confidence vote in the House of Commons: “To trigger an election, the Liberals wouldn’t need to hold a vote in the House; Mr. Trudeau could “simply go to the [Governor-General] and request a dissolution,” said Philippe Lagassé, an associate professor at Carleton University.” But there are risks: “The rhetoric from the Liberals shows that they “aren’t afraid of having a snap election,” said Nik Nanos, the founder of Nanos Research, and because of how their support is spread across the country, they have the upper hand in the polls. But he added “there are risks on all sides” in sending voters to the polls.” The Conservatives are already preparing that ground: “In a letter responding to the Liberals, Conservative House Leader Gérard Deltell called the Liberal position “desperate” … [and] … “To threaten to plunge the country into a general election while Canada is in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic, all because you want to avoid some tough questions, is simply reckless and irresponsible,” Mr. Deltell said.

It must be clear to all but the willfully blind that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has something to hide. That “something” is so big, so dangerous to him and his government that he is willing to engage in a Watergate level coverup attempt ~ one that will, inevitably, fail ~ involving filibustering in committees, breaking his (2015) promise “not use prorogation to avoid difficult political circumstances,” and even sending Canadians to the polls (as early as late November in the midst of a global pandemic that, thanks to Prime Minister Trudeau’s virtue signalling and dilly-dallying in the Spring, has already killed thousands of Canadians) in order to keep it quiet.

IF we are going to the polls in the middle of a pandemic then that “something” must be the ballot question. Canadian journalists, even those reporting and opining for the bought-and-paid-for CBC and The Star, need to put their petty partisanship aside and at least pretend to care about why we might be having an election. And the “why?” leads, inevitably, back to the WE Charity thing …

… it’s all about the Trudeaus ~ Margaret and Sasha and Sophie and Justin Trudeau himself ~ and why something approaching half a million dollars in fees and expenses paid to the Trudeaus, but to almost no-one else, resulted in Justin Trudeau deciding to award a contract worth something approaching half a billion dollars to the Kielburger brother’s WE Charity.

Justin Trudeau’s handing of the pandemic should be an issue, too:

Back in late summer the prospect of a fall election seemed real. Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberals were getting generally favourable reviews for their handling of the COVID-19, the SNC-Lavalin and Blackface scandals had proven to be minor problems, the WE Charity thing seemed to be dying down and a majority seemed within reach. Then Michael Barrett, Erin O’Toole and Pierre Poilievre …

… kept the WE Charity scandal in the public eye and some in the media finally got the message, and tied prorogation and the ongoing coverup together. That seems to really frighten the Liberals.

But the main issue, IF we are going to the polls in November or December, must be “Why?” Why is Team Trudeau putting Canadians at risk during a pandemic to vote just over a year after the last election? The only answer possible is: fear. Any fair minded person must conclude that there is something in the WE Charity files that is so explosive and so personally dangerous to the Trudeaus ~ not to Canada, not even to the Liberal Party, just to the Trudeaus ~ that Prime Minister Trudeau will risk everything, including political defeat, to try to cover it up.

The vote is scheduled for today, 21 October. Yves Blanchet has said the Bloc Québécois will vote for the Conservative motion; thus far Jagmeet Singh has not said how he and the NDP will vote. Brian Platt of the National Post, reminds us that …

… and there’s another independent MP, former Liberal Marwan Tabbara, who has been voting in this session while awaiting his next court hearing on charges of assault, break and enter and harassment

Are we going to have an election? I guess we’ll know in a few days. Do we need one? Not for the any of the dishonest reasons Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might advance … the truth is not our enemy, although it appears to be his. But an election will be welcome if it gives Canada a new, honest, ethical, fiscally responsible and socially moderate Conservative government.

But, for today, I’ll let the Globe and Mail‘s Adam Radwanski have the last word (from his Twitter social media account):

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