When Liberal propaganda backfires

Liberal MP (Kingston and the Islands) Mark Gerretsen told his social media followers that the federal (Trudeau) government has provided 97% of all COVID-19 “relief” money spent in Ontario. Depending on how you define relief ~ and I’m guessing that he used payments to individuals, CERB, EI and the like ~ then that’s probably true: “relief” programmes are almost all federal.

It may rank as the dumbest Tweet of 2020 because it provoked thousands of almost universally hostile responses, including the best on, in my opinion, from a lady who describes as a First Nations person …

… she said “Let me Correct youNeither Ford nor Trudeau have supported CanadiansCanadians have been supporting CanadiansGovernments dont make moneyWe do and we pay taxes to fund ourselvesYou just temporarily get [to] sign the cheques.

Mr Gerretsen is not a novice politician, he entered civic politics when he was 31, almost 15 years ago, and, like his father, was mayor or Kingston before being elected to parliament in 2015; he’s a career politician from a political family. It’s surprising that he would have insulted his constituents like that, isn’t it?

Maybe not if it is all part of a unified, coordinated plan to “change the channel,” at all costs, away from the Trudeaus and WE Charity which is, somewhat frantically, closing up shop in Canada to focus, it said, on helping children overseas … but it seems to be having legal troubles in Africa, too.

Maybe Mr Garretsen’s Tweet was just one Liberal MP’s dumb idea that backfired; maybe it was part of a coordinated campaign to throw anything and everything at Canadians, hoping that something would distract them from questions about a coverup. That doesn’t really matter … what matters is the ongoing coverup attempt.

And let’s be clear: there is a coverup being attempted, we can all see it, can’t we? And it’s a lot more serious attempt at a coverup than anything Jean Chrétien attempted 15 years ago to hide the sponsorship scandal. This is a Watergate level coverup attempt … do you remember what that was hiding? Do you remember that it forced a sitting President of the United States to resign and sent political agents and high-level White House aides to prison? If the Liberals are using Watergate level tactics to try to cover something up ~ I say ‘try‘ because ultimately they will fail, they alway do, it is inevitable that the truth will out ~ then my guess must be that that what they are trying to coverup is as bad for Justin Trudeau as Watergate was for Richard Nixon. Isn’t that a fair assumption?

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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