I have a dream …

I mentioned, a couple of months ago, my hopes, for the Conservative Party under Erin O’Toole’s leadership. Now, borrowing a famous phrase from a great man: I have a dream … I have a dream that one day, soon, this nation will come to its senses and that the people in the suburbs around Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver will all realize that the unethical Justin Trudeau Liberals have been buying their votes with their own money and that the bill will soon come due and they, and their children and their grandchildren will have to pay back all the money Justin Trudeau’s government has borrowed with interest … with ever mounting interest.

I have a dream … that those responsible, hard working Canadians will realize, one day soon, that they can vote for a team that is capable, honest and that shares their core values …

… a team of real people just like them.

I have a dream … that Conservative team …

… will govern wisely and well, during two majority mandates and that they will, finally, put paid to that phoney Liberal-CBC-Laurentian Elites propaganda about the “hidden agenda.”

I have a dream … that Conservative team will be principled, ethical, socially moderate and fiscally prudent and they will set the country on a course for prosperity and unity at home and for being respected for accepting the burden of a leadership role in the world.

I have a dream … that Conservative team will regenerate itself, bringing in fresh faces and new ideas so that it will continue to merit the trust of all Canadians, from coast to coast to coast …

.. and that in the election to be held in about 2029 or 2030 they will sweep the country, earning more than 50% of the popular vote, as did John Diefenbaker in 1958 and Brian Mulroney in 1984 ~ something that had not happened since the wartime election of 1940 and has not happened since. That means taking many, many seats in Québec. The conventional wisdom is that Québec only votes for a native son (or daughter), but John Diefenbaker took 50 of Québec’s 75 seats in 1958, in some large part because the autonomist (Québec nationalist) and conservative Union nationale supported the federal Conservatives.

And I have a dream … that the Liberal Party of Canada will make the best possible use of 15+ years in opposition to rediscover its own, traditional values and will recall their own often sterling leadership of Canada …

… and will, finally, cast off the tainted legacies of both Pierre and Justin Trudeau.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

One thought on “I have a dream …

  1. Thank you, Ted, for your thoughtful and trenchant views of the horror that is the current government. Your dream and my dream are the same…

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