Those fabulous fifties?

Anyone else remember the 1950s?

Norman Spector, a former federal and provincial public servant, who served at the very highest levels of government, diplomat (Ambassador to Israel), corporate “communications” (public relations) guru and author, remembers:

And so do I. But I don’t just remember high school dances and young love, because the 1950s were a dark era during which very wise people …

… some of whom, sadly, I’m sure some of my readers can’t even recognize, worried ~ with vey good reason ~ that civilization, as we knew it might end in a hail of nuclear bombs:

The threat of an all-out nuclear war was real. Canadian school children learned to take cover in their classrooms while Royal Canadian Air Forces crews regularly scrambled to intercept soviet bombers that routinely intruded into our airspace ~ as Russian bombers still do, in 2020 ~ to probe for weaknesses.

Right now, in 2020, the world is in the midst of a global panic ~ a crisis which, thanks to some very poor leadership in several countries …

… sometimes dishonest leadership, sometimes weak leadership, sometimes stupid leadership, sometimes all of those, plus, has cost over a million people their lives, but I am going to assert that the global COVID-19 pandemic is child’s play compared to the ever-present threat of global nuclear war that faced Truman, St Laurent, Eisenhower, Diefenbaker and Pearson. And that’s probably a good thing because we appear, in 2020, to have decided that it’s OK to be led by children:

Well, we’re wrong. The global pandemic may, indeed, be a minor thing compared to the threats which we faced in the 1950s but but it doesn’t mean that we should select so-called leaders based on temper tantrums and fake PR campaigns:

The world is still a dangerous place, full of threats to our liberty, our democracy and our very lives:

I’m not asking Canadians (or Americans, or Brits) to elect another Eisenhower or another Churchill or another St Laurent, but, surely to all the gods, we can elect someone better, a whole lot better than Donald J Trump and/or Justin Trudeau ~ 99.9% of humanity, for heaven’s sake, is “better” than Trudeau and Trump. If you’re a Canadian Liberal then you know that your party is full of people who are in every possible respect superior to Justin Trudeau …

… your party is filled with women and men of honour and integrity ~ but they are not in Parliament because they could not stand the stench of corruption that surrounds the Trudeau Liberals. If you’re a Canadian voter then you know that right now, in 2020, you have a better choice, an honest, ethical choice:

As Norman Spector says, Canada is faced with many, many concurrent challenges; none are as dangerous as the ones we faced in the 1950s, in my opinion, because if they were we would likely not still be here as nations, perhaps not even as a human race, but there are a lot of them and they need to be faced and we need a mature, honest Canadian leader to help us all do that.

If you cannot bring yourself to vote for a Conservative then work from within to reform the Liberals and the NDP because it must be obvious to every thinking Canada than Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are unfit to lead anything.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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