Seaspan Shipyards in Vancouver has announced that the fist section of the first of two new Joint Support Ships … … being built for the Royal Canadian Navy have been completed. The first section is the massive bulbous bow: Those who might want a bit of information about the bulbous bow’s purpose can watch thisContinue reading “Progress”

It’s only question of when

Jacinda Arden in New Zealand, Blaine Higgs in New Brunswick, John Horgan in British Columbia and Scott More in Saskatchewan … … have all turned minority governments into majorities or, in Premier Moe’s case, been reelected with another majority. How long can it be before Team Trudeau decides that it can do the same? What’sContinue reading “It’s only question of when”

Getting it exactly wrong

In my arguments that try to encourage the Conservative Party to explore the possibility of a Universal Basic Income/Guaranteed Annual Income based on Milton Friedman’s idea of a Negative Income Tax, I stress that there must be one basic principle: “people who work will always make more than people who don’t.” But, as I mentionedContinue reading “Getting it exactly wrong”

This needs public, official condemnation

There is a report in the Globe and Mail which says that the Ottawa based Come From China News account on WeChat, a popular Chinese owned message site (similar to WhatsApp), posted messages extolling China’s role in the Korean War in which over 26,000 Canadians fought and in which over 500 were killed in action,Continue reading “This needs public, official condemnation”

Real priorities

High ranking Conservative MP Michelle Rempel-Garner is getting some serious criticism for a remark that I wish she hadn’t made, but it points up a bigger problem. As generally liberal political strategist and analyst Rick Anderson says: I agree and I am as guilty as anyone of “cheap partisanship.” I still guess that we areContinue reading “Real priorities”

I admit …

Today, as Canada marks the “grim milestone” of 10,000 COVID-19 deaths, I admit that I’m conflicted and almost certainly confused by the COVID-19 responses. I was, still am a bit, surprised by the second wave ~ apparently I shouldn’t be; apparently we were warned but we ~ the Big WE that includes e.g. Prime MinisterContinue reading “I admit …”

Restoring the dignity of work

Two tweets caught my eye: Now, I have talked about this, more than once before. For a whole host of reasons we seem to have made work, good, honest work, into a bad word. Our society seems to value only professional, mainly white. collar occupations … … and we have devalued the trades and labour:Continue reading “Restoring the dignity of work”