@dolighan gets it

Editorial cartoonist Tim Dolighan, drawing in the Toronto Sun, seems, to me, to perfectly capture Jagmeet Singh’s dilemma: The New Democrats are NOT ready for an election. Neither, in my opinion, is the Conservative Party, but it is in far, far better shape than is the fourth party in Parliament. Thus, the Tories can bluster […]

Is our Parliament without value?

Andrew Coyne, writing in the Globe and Mail, a few days ago, made a point that bears repeating: “The Liberal government,” his column is headlined, “is making a mockery of Canada’s parliamentary democracy.” That’s right: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, making parliamentary democracy in Canada “seem stupid or without value.” And […]

Long term care or long term storage?

Some of us need long term care for our elderly relatives … it’s a legitimate need, not everyone can be cared for, adequately, at home, not even with some specialist support like a live-in caregiver … … and successive governments have made the existing (previous?) live-in-caregiver programme more and more difficult to access for those […]


About two years ago I deplored the vandalism of the Halifax Memorial where, as some of you may know, my father’s name is found … because he was killed in action at sea and has no known grave. Now I see a report on Global News which says that “Ottawa police are investigating after they […]

Just the beginning

Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “This wasn’t the end of snap-election dramas. It was the beginning.” “We have,” he says “just entered the period of minority-Parliament power games that can end in an election campaign. That means the odds are that there will be a federal vote in months, rather […]

Do something

I saw this horrifying item by Jody Porter a CBC Thunder Bay reporter, on the CBC News website. “About 200 people were evacuated from Neskantaga earlier this week,” Ms Porter reports, “after the water plant was shut down after an unknown substance was found in the reservoir. That left the community of 300 people without […]

Dear readers

I’m experimenting with different “looks” for my blog because there have been some comments about it being hard to read on either or both of mobile devices and on the web … please bear with me while I try to find something that works well for all of us. Thanks for your patience … your […]

Bad news for Canada

So, now that the motion to establish a “Trudeau Corruption Committee” has failed and, therefore, we ought not to have an election, unless Prime Minister Trudeau is more desperate than even I imagined, I can turn to two articles in Foreign Affairs that caught my eye and which I think should be of interest to […]