Sorry, but we Canadians are …

The Globe and Mail, in an editorial, says that ” This space … [editorial speak for the the views of the Globe and Mail‘s publisher and editors] … has long argued that fighting the pandemic has to be “Job No. 1” for all levels of government. Keeping the number of infections from exploding is surely the way to keep the economic recovery from going into reverse gear … [and] … The Trudeau government’s Throne Speech adopts almost the same language … [but, the editorial writers say, Prime Minister Trudeau] … Adopts it, and then orphans it.

A few honourable senators sat and few honourable members stood while Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette read a looooong speech that, other than dangling a national-child-care-plan, a Liberal promise that’s so old it ought to be subject to mandatory retirement, just regurgitated unkept promises from the 2015 and 2019 Liberal campaign platforms. There was nothing there … it was the same old, stale, lukewarm Liberal pabulum we’ve had, time and again, before.

Unfortunately,” the editorialists write, “the government’s pandemic-fighting rhetoric doesn’t include any new promises of actual, pandemic-fighting action. If this is a Team Canada effort, it’s awfully light on effort … [because] … The Throne Speech’s section on “Protecting Canadians from COVID-19” may have come right at the top, but it reads like an afterthought. If containing the virus really is the government’s top priority, and if the fastest route to economic recovery is virus suppression, then why did the government have so little to say about it?” Good question … but this was a Trudeau-Liberal speech ~ it could almost have been drafted by Pierre Trudeau; I half expected to hear “just society” and “the land is strong” and other socialist slogans …

… because there was nothing here but the time-worn Trudeau, père et fils, claptrap about a cleaner, greener, feminist and fairer society. But that time-worn claptrap is, in fact, favoured by, I guess, about 25% or even 35% of Canadians who can’t quite believe that we don’t all want to live in a happy, soviet-socialist republic where peasants, workers and soldiers do the bidding of the Laurentian Elites.

The Trudeau government had little to offer,” the Globe and Mail editorial says, “in terms of what it plans to do next to help the provinces – who are largely responsible for health care and public health – defeat the second wave … [but] … “The surge this fall,” said the Throne Speech, “further reinforces what we already know – that we must do even more” … [but, sadly for Canadians] … the Throne Speech did not have more.

The Globe and Mail‘s editorial board says that “The Trudeau government is dealing with the economic and household fallout from this public-health crisis by, among other things, extending the wage subsidy program, and continuing to support the large numbers of Canadians made jobless by the pandemic. It will borrow, and borrow heavily, to mitigate the hardship, as … [the editorial writes suggest] … it should.” But they say, “As for addressing the underlying pandemic cause of all that economic distress, and as for spending on measures to control it, so that more businesses can reopen and more people can go back to work, the Throne Speech had almost nothing new to say.” But there never was anything new to say. There never was more. The Trudeaus, père et fils, never had any more than bromides to offer. There never was anything other than slogans and vague hopes that some unknown and “invisible hand” would deliver jobs and prosperity and tax revenues which Team Trudeau could redistribute, always wisely of course, always for the benefit of “good” Canadians, to benefit its clients. The intellectual cupboard was pretty much bare in the 1970s, there is absolutely nothing there today. Justin Trudeau offers nothing because he doesn’t understand either the scope or the nature of the socio-economic challenges facing Canada. That’s why neither the Speech from the Throne nor his follow-on “address” offered anything useful.

Our problem is simple: in October 2019 just enough of us voted for Team Trudeau candidates without understanding or, perhaps, without caring that Justin Trudeau is an unethical intellectual featherweight. For now, until we can have a general election in which enough of us decide to elect an honest, grown-up leader who has a solid liberal team behind him, we, Canadians are

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Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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