Two things Canadians need to do

Sometimes, actually very often I hate to make these posts because I love my country … I served it for 35+ years in the Army … my father died defending it. I actually hate to say, as I too often do, that I’m grateful that my younger son and, now, my grandsons live in Australia, but it’s Justin Trudeau that makes me do that.

The Globe and Mail reported, in a story datelined 22 September, the day before the Throne Speech, that Dr Theresa Tam, Canada’s by now well known Chief Public Health Officer warned that “if Canadians keep coming into close contact with as many people as they do now, the epidemic curve will rise sharply from the current average of about 1,000 new cases a day to five times that number within a month. That is more than twice the number reported at the height of the spring wave.” Then, the Globe and Mail also reported, live, on the actual Speech from the Throne, delivered by our Governor General, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette …

… but then, the Globe and Mail tells us, Prime Minister Trudeau demanded “free” air time from Canada’s broadcasters to give what his office assured them was non-political. One broadcast executive saids that ““When approached, we demanded and received assurances that the PM’s request was based on urgent national importance to the Canadian public and was not a political address.”” It was “urgent” and a “matter of national importance” for Justin Trudeau to get air time to repeat what others had said just hours before? Nonsense! The Trudeau Liberals lied … again. They lied to the broadcasters and they lied to Canadians … and, indirectly they lied to Elections Canada which has specific rules about campaign expenses ~ and make no mistake, “free” air time to make a 15 minute address to the nation which does nothing except “expose” the prime minister in a favourable light is election campaign advertising.

What is perfectly clear to any fair-minded person is that Justin Trudeau’s “address was totally, 100% political. There was barely a word that was not a repeat of his government’s official messages, delivered, capably, by others just hours before. He used the power of his office to “persuade” broadcasters to give him “free” air-time which should, in fairness, have cost the Liberal Party of Canada hundreds of thousands if not millions if dollars. Given that the Trudeau regime is giving the broadcasters a share of a nearly $600 Million ‘media bailout,’ I suppose the broadcast executive didn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

Two things need to happen, soon:

First ~ voters need to wake up and understand that Justin Trudeau is a bum. He’s ethically and morally unfit to hold any office, much less a high one. He breaks laws ~ consider the vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island, using the Aga Khan’s private helicopter taken despite the fact that the Aga Khan was lobbying his government, and consider a proposed multi-hundred million dollar “sole source” contract to the We Charity despite the fact that it paid his family hundreds of thousands of dollars …

… because, and I suspect, there s a fair question here: Is Justin Trudeau either simply morally and ethically bankrupt or is he really so stupid that he can be manipulated by the shadowy people who pull his strings? Does anyone really think there is some other answer? Voters need to understand that Justin Trudeau is a problem for Canada … he’s like a festering boil that needs to be lanced before it poisons the whole body politic. What Canadians need to do is simple: vote for someone, almost anyone except Justin Trudeau’s Liberal candidates:

It’s not because they are bad people, they are not; it’s because Justin Trudeau and his handlers are corrupt and they do moral damage everyone who is connected to them. Go and vote, by all means, but vote for anyone but a Liberal. Vote Conservative, or Green, or NDP if you’re so inclined or spoil your ballot … but send a message to the Liberal Party of Canada: Justin Trudeau Must Go.

Second, when , inevitably, a decent, honest Conservative government takes office, there must be a full-scale, public, judicial inquiry into certain aspects of the Trudeau years. The goal is not to send send Justin Trudeau to jail. The goal, the aim is to strengthen democracy in Canada by shining a bright light on unethical conduct and then changing the rules so that they have real teeth. Who can blame Justin Trudeau for ignoring the written conflict of interest rules when the punishment is a paltry fine that he doesn’t even notice, that almost any MP would’t notice a fine that amounted to only a few hours of his salary. The fine for a first breach of the conflict of interest rules needs to be in the thousands, even in the tens of thousands of dollars ~ enough to deter even rich politicians. The punishments for serial offenders need to include removal from office. But, most important Canadians need to see that the politicians they elect will be held to the highest realistically possible ethical standards and that the consequences for ignoring the rules will be severe.

There’s a third thing that needs doing: the Chief Electoral Officer needs to investigate this “address” and tell the broadcasters to send bills to the Liberal Party of Canada for the full commercial value of the 15 minutes of air time and will tell the Liberal Party that those costs are to be reported as a campaign expense.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

2 thoughts on “Two things Canadians need to do

  1. Fines / penalties for any breach of the conflict of interest rules must be strengthened and apply not only to the guilty individual but also multiplied 4 or 5 fold and applied to their party.
    I would also suggest incremental increases apply depending upon position involved. l would expect a Cabinet Minister & the PM to be held to a higher standard and penalized accordingly

  2. So many Canadians share your frustration Ted. Many are becoming resigned to the possibility that there is little/nothing that can be done to break out of this ‘culture of entitlement’ that is constantly promoted by current politicians. Citizens are constantly fed the line of what the country owes them, not what they can do for the country. No worries over how, as a nation, we will pay for these programs. We are led to believe that our current Federal Government has everything under control and now is not the time to be concerned about who/how/when these costs will be covered.

    Does the mythical class of wealthy Canadians, who will gladly pay a little more so that the middle class can pay a little less, really exist? Is it possible that the majority of taxes in Canada are paid by the ‘middle class’?Has this been the reality for decades and will continue for the foreseeable future? Is the ‘take from the haves to distribute to the have nots’ just smoke & mirrors to disguise the real source of tax revenue in Canada.

    These are very unique times that we are living through. Only history will judge what was the correct response from our Federal Government. There is no doubt that there are many Canadians who need a helping hand, now more than ever. Some are short term needs and some are long term. Definitely issues that must be addressed. Is it not still prudent to keep our fiscal house in order? At some future time will ‘all Canadians’ be liable for any uncontrolled spending our Federal Government commits to today? High inflation, increased taxes, ballooning civil service, devalued currency, low national productivity, all of the above and more?

    A big first step would be for politicians to truly tell it like it is. Stop trying to sugar coat everything for political gain. These programs are not without enormous cost. At some future time Canadians will be liable for these debts. Unlike the famous line from the Jack Nicholson movie character ‘Canadians can handle the truth’.

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