I’m no expert, but …

Following on from my post of a few hours ago

Let me repeat the first three words, in the title, with emphasis: I’m no expert.

I know nothing about viruses and epidemiology and so on … I do know a bit about radios and, especially, about the radio frequency spectrum, but those are not pressing issues today.

But, despite my appalling level of ignorance, I believe that the public health experts, here in Canada and around the world, who seem to be, mostly, in broad general agreement …

… are, indeed, experts. They may not understand why and how their mobile phones work (I do) but they know a lot about diseases and viruses and epidemics and the health care systems and, since so many of them are in broad, general agreement, I trust them. Some of my friends, well educated, thoughtful men and women, all, disagree with the experts and they send me learned articles, written by other experts who suggest that we ~ the big We which includes e.g. medical and political leaders and we citizens, lay-people ~ have overreacted to the COVID-19 crisis. I accept these earnest, informed disagreements but I practice social distancing when away from my own small “group” (I hug my wife and son and so on) and I wear my mask in all public places, even outdoors, on my daily walk when I cannot maintain the required physical separation. (I try to walk where I can keep my distance and, therefore, not wear my mask. (I have, my doctor tells me, a very mild case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which she says is not uncommon amongst people of my age, especially those, like me, who smoked for 20+ years when they were adolescents and young adults, and while I almost never notice any symptoms, even when walking very vigorously, walking while wearing the mask does make things somewhat uncomfortable.)

Anyway, I assume that the advice the the medical experts are giving to political leaders is, generally, sound … I assume that, in. some large part, because so many of them agree. (By the way, I also accept that broad, general conclusion that the climate is changing faster than is desirable and that man-made carbon which is being pumped into the atmosphere at an ever-increasing rate (especially by coal-fired power plants in China and India) is a global problem.)

We solve global problems when we confront them with concrete action rather than trying to ignore or bury them.

But the political reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has been less clear than that of the medical experts. US President Tump, arguably the most influential public figure in the world, for example, has quite clearly both misunderstood the issue and has tried to use it for his own partisan political purposes. Ditto for Justin Trudeau; considerable evidence is now piling up which seems to show very clearly that Team Trudeau put its own partisan political objectives first and it ordered Canada’s chief public health officer to downplay the obvious choices of masks and border closure and, instead, to say that the issue was far less serious than it really was …

… Canadians were, literally, warned that racism was a worse threat than the virus. Justin Trudeau was far, far more like Donald Trump in his reaction than he was like, say, Australia’s Scott Morison, who, having essentially the same evidence that was available to Justin Trudeau, closed Australia’s borders vey early on …

… the difference is astounding: a few hundred Australians (out of 25 million) have died; several thousand Canadians, approaching 10,000, have died (out of a population of 37 million). That’s disgraceful. Some Canadians may take comfort in comparing Canada’s response to that of the USA; they are wrong. Justin Trudeau was lucky that, faced with his inaction, provincial premiers, led by Ontario’s Doug Ford, stepped in and did what he was afraid to do: told Canadians the truth and declared states of emergency:

That, it seems to me, and not anything Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s the national government did, saved Canada for following the USA down an epidemiological rat-hole.

Now, it may be that when this is all over, when the world’s scientists are able to compare actions and results, to compare, say Sweden with Ontario and Australia with Canada, that we will conclude that the skeptics were right after all ~ perhaps we did overreact. Perhaps we are overreacting by banning guns rather than cracking down on (of racially based) urban gangs; perhaps we are overreacting to the role of carbon based fuels in global climate change, too. But, for now, not being an expert, I accept what Dr Tam and Premier Ford are saying to us.

But, I am certain that Justin Trudeau has the unnecessary deaths of thousands and thousands of Canadians on his conscience. In many countries thousands and thousands of preventable deaths would be just cause for riots in the streets …

… but here, in Canada, we only seem to protest when others’ lives are lost.

Justin Trudeau’s response to the COVID-19 global pandemic has been a succession of failures: some small but some, like failing to close our borders early, were both massive and deadly. He must be called to account for his failings at the ballot box. He must be thrown on to the political trash heap, where he belongs.

The Trudeau Liberals knew this pandemic was coming; for their own selfish, partisan political reasons they lied to Canadians; too many thousands of Canadians have died as a result. Justin Trudeau must be help to account for his miserable failures.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

2 thoughts on “I’m no expert, but …

  1. Good article Ted. Will the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and the National Post raise these issues? We know that the CBC will not.

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