The Globe and Mail, in an editorial, says that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament last month, thereby shutting down committee hearings into the controversy surrounding his government’s close ties with WE Charity, and how the charity was awarded a lucrative contract to administer the Canada Student Service Grant … [and, it appears that] … His cynical and anti-democratic ploy has largely worked. Without the committee hearings and the news coverage they would have generated, the scandal that has launched a third federal Ethics Commissioner investigation into the conduct of Mr. Trudeau since he came to power in 2015 is fading into the background … [thus] … By the time Parliament reconvenes on Sept. 23 for a Speech from the Throne, and the various committees that were probing the WE scandal eventually get back to work, there is a great risk that the public will have moved on.

Note, please the Good Grey Globe‘s editorialists’ characterization of the prime minister of Canada …

Resignation calls revived over WE affair, as PM skips special House sitting  | CTV News

… as being “cynical and anti-democratic” in his approach to governing. I think they could gave also added, on the basis of the evidence to date, “unethical” and, possibly, even dishonest.

But the Globe and Mail‘s editorial board warns Canadians that “moving on,” as the Trudeau Liberals fervently hope we will do “would be a mistake for two reasons. One is that the government’s attempt to circumvent Parliament and dodge accountability should simply not be allowed to stand. The other is that there are two recent revelations that demand further investigation.

The first is the highly irregular, likely improper and possibly illegal redaction of thousands of pages of documents that the parliamentary committee, quit rightfully, demanded. Team Trudeau said that the redactions were made “to protect personal information and cabinet confidence, were carried out by the non-partisan Parliamentary law clerk, as was specifically demanded by the finance committee … [but the Trudeau Liberals lied, because] … the law clerk, Philippe Dufresne, has said in a letter to the clerk of the finance committee that the documents were in fact censored by government bureaucrats, not by him, and that he can’t be certain that the omissions were justified.

Team Trudeau lied because it is engaged in a coverup. It is trying to prevent you and I from knowing that the Trudeau regime wanted to pay-off the Kielburger brothers for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to Margaret and Sasha Trudeau for making “charity” appearances.

The second lie is the one in which Minister Bardish Chagger appears to have been caught. She told the committee, untruthfully as the documents now show, that the federal bureaucrats decided that the Kielburger brothers were best able to administer the hundreds of millions of dollars student volunteer programme. In fact, we can all see, the idea originated with the Kielburgers and the Trudeau cabinet.

Ms Chagger says she will not resign, which would be the honourable thing to do. One cannot blame her, really. She was a minor cog in a big wheel which was aimed to benefit Justin Trudeau’s family.

The Globe and Mail‘s editorial writes conclude that the questions surrounding the We Charity deal are ones to which “we might have answers to had Mr. Trudeau not prorogued Parliament. The Prime Minister may hope that he has put the serious issues they raise behind him, and that Canadians will have moved on from the WE Charity scandal by the time fall officially arrives. But it is imperative that the committees he shuttered get back to work, and that these troubling allegations are properly examined.

I believe that the whole issue says “coverup,” and I would not be surprised if the aim is to cover up something more serious than just conflict if interest … my guess is that Team Trudeau is covering up something very near to bribery.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

3 thoughts on “Coverup

  1. Good on you Ted. This issue must not disappear. The unethical, anti-democratic, and potentially illegal activities must be brought to light. The stench is appalling.

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