Quid pro quo

A few weeks ago I speculated that Bardish Chagger was being set up to be the “fall gal” for the WE Charity scandal. I was spectacularly wrong about Bill Morneau being bomb-proof ~ the Prime Minister’s Office dropped the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) on him as they tried to change the channel away from Justin Trudeau and his family.

But now, the NDP’s Charlie Angus says that Minister Chagger failed to explain the “unhealthy relationship between WE and the Trudeau government.” In effect he accuses her of misleading Parliament and he calls for her resignation. Now, he’s on solid grounds there: you cannot knowing mislead a parliamentary committee, it’s against the written rules and centuries of convention. Her resignation ought to be forthcoming. But is that ~ Bardish Chagger’s resignation ~ the NDP‘s only price for keeping the Trudeau regime in power? Is the party so broke, so unready for an election that they will do anything to avoid going to the polls?

What can Bardish Chagger say in her own defence? Can she use the Liesl Defence (from the Sound of Music)

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Totally unprepared am I to face a world of men. Timid and shy and scared am I of things beyond my ken.” That seems a bit of a stretch. Ms Chagger has a science degree from one of Canada’s premier universities ~ she’s considerably more accomplished than Canada’s man-child, trust-fund-kid prime minister.

Can she try a version of the Nuremberg Defence?

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I don’t think so. If she tries to say “I was just following orders” ~ “Befehl ist Befehl” as some Germans put it ~ then the logical question is “whose orders?” And the answer is painfully, for Team Trudeau, obvious.

My guess is that she will go quietly … anything to shift the blame for this whole mess away from the only person who is to blame: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Remember, please the very essence of this affair …

the Kielburgers didn’t start paying Margaret and Sacha Trudeau to speak at their WE Charity events until after Justin Trudeau became prime minister; they testified to that. What we have is two family enterprises “on the make.” One family started supporting the other, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees and expenses, and they expected something in return. They even suggested, to more than one minister, it appears, what that “something in return” might be: hundreds of millions of dollars ~ our dollars, taxpayers’ dollars. It was quid pro quo arrangement, only a little different, in practice, from bribery.

Bardish Chagger may take the fall for this, now, but when we look for answers they are all going to be the same: Justin Trudeau orchestrated all this for his own political benefit and for the financial benefit of his family … and that’s against the law. But he’s hoping that the NDP (and one wing of the media) will help him to skate past it.

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