Caution! Rumour!

I heard a tantalizing rumour the other day, from a normally well informed but anything but ‘official’ source ~ my source knows a few well placed Liberals but she is not directly connected to anyone in the Trudeau government.

Anyway, the unverified rumour is that Justin Trudeau is getting ready to resign …

A global challenge': PM Trudeau commits $850 million to global fight  against COVID-19 | CTV News

… He will do so, the rumour says, on 23 September, the day Parliament resumes sitting. He will be replaced by an interim leader ~ likely Marc Garneau ~ and the Liberal Party will launch a leadership election: Chrystia Freeland is the media’s odds-on-favourite to succeed Prime Minister Trudeau:

The only fly in the ointments is that Justin Trudeau is rumoured to be resigning because the We Charity scandal is worse than it seems right now and he might face more than just sanctions from Parliament’s ethics watchdog. M. Garneau, the rumour says, will NOT call any sort of inquiry and Ms Freeland will promise Liberals that she will sweep everything under the rug, too. But that’s the problem. There are some Liberals who want a clean sweep of all the Trudeauists, including Ms Freeland, and who think that a full-blown judicial inquiry, à la the Gomery Inquiry into Jean Chrétien’s Sponsorship Scandal, is what’s needed to clear the Liberal Party‘s good name, albeit while throwing Prime Minister Trudeau under the bus.

It is in no-one’s interests to have yet another political scandal. As I said yesterday, on of Erin O’Toole’s priorities must be restore some public confidence in our political process. Not even his interests would be served by seeing Justin Trudeau “perp-walked” into a courtroom. While the Gomery Inquiry made for some pretty compelling TV viewing, it did little to improve Canadian politics. Jean Chrétien and now Justin Trudeau have dragged Canadian politics deep enough into the mud … we don’t need more proof that politics attracts the venal as well as the honest and decent.

As I have speculated before, those disaffected Liberals want to reach out to rebels …

… to former Liberal MPs who are “clean” because they quit the caucus, refused to seek reelection because they could not abide Justin Trudeau’s unethical conduct, or were expelled from the caucus because they stood up to Justin Trudeau. Some people speculate that the Liberal Party needs one of them, or someone like them, rather than one of Trudeau’s henchmen, to rebuild the party in the 2020s so it is ready to govern again by 2025 or later.

IF Justin Trudeau resigns and IF the Liberal government delivers a moderate, fiscally responsible Throne Speech (one that Jagmeet Singh doesn’t like), and IF the Liberals allow the committees examining the WE Charity scandal to resume their work, then the Conservatives, at least, are likely to give the Liberals a few months to have their leadership election before they defeat the government in the House of Commons and force an election in the late Spring (May/June) of 2021.

But it’s all only a rumour … but an enticing one, isn’t it?

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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