Media bias

Everyone needs to watch this video clip.

The “question” is nothing but paid Liberal Party propaganda.

The anti-Conservative bias is so evident that if the CRTC wasn’t on the Liberal Party payroll, too, the CBC’s TV broadcasting licences would all be pulled.

It is past time to get government funding out of the Canadian media.

I would not be opposed to the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party and the New Democrats and the Greens and so on too, all owning and operating their own own media outlets ~ flagged as such; but having Canada’s state funded “national public broadcaster” acting as a shill for the Liberal Party is beyond reprehensible and it must be stopped.

The CBC must be radically restructured and repurposed.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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