Shameful …

… and dishonest and cowardly seem to be the main reactions to Prime Minister Trudeau’s decisions to prorogue parliament. Even The Star finds the timing awfully convenient, noting that “Thousands of pages of newly released documents back up the Trudeau government’s contention that it was federal public servants who recommended a student service grant program be administered by WE Charity … [but, and it’s a HUGE BUT] … they also suggest bureaucrats may have been nudged to look in that direction by their political masters.” It appears, further, that those documents will prove that Prime Minister Trudeau has been lying about the WE Charity being the only organization able to manage the programme.

The Globe and Mail notes thatThe decision by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shut down Parliament for six weeks could disrupt opposition efforts to probe the WE Charity controversy and mean the end of a special committee investigating the crisis in Canada-China relations, which the Liberals initially voted against creating … [and] … Opposition MPs outnumber the members of the minority Liberal government on committees and can therefore override the governing party to call hearings, but Mr. Trudeau’s move to prorogue Parliament shuts down all committee activity until the new session begins Sept. 23. Even after that, there will likely be weeks of delay before committees resume operating.

Many observers remind us of Justin Trudeau’s fake outrage when Stephen Harper prorogued parliament in 2010, but it was all theatre. In 2010 it was unlikely that Justin Trudeau even understood what the word prorogue meant. He was then, as he is now, little more than a sock puppet being manipulated by smarter but more sinister backroom political operatives.

Others observe that he said, just a couple of years ago, in the House of Commons, that ““I hope that future prime ministers … will not resort to prorogation to avoid problematic situations.”” He must have been talking about the next prime minister … otherwise, that statement didn’t age well at all.

This whole thing is nothing but an attempt by a weak and chronically unethical, dishonest, even possibly corrupt politician to avoid having to face the blame for his own actions and those of his friends, the Kielburger brothers:

The whole thing stinks. The Globe and Mail‘s editorial board calls it what it is: Bullshit! Can there be any doubt in the mind of anyone ~ other, perhaps, than Rosemary Barton who continues to act a stenographer for the PMO by regurgitating their talking points on the CBC ~ that Prime Minister Trudeau is a lying coward who cannot stand to have the truth come out?

Canada needs a real change.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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