A rant

So, I saw this in The Province: “The community spoke, and Simon Fraser University listened. The Clan is no more


… [and] … The university officially retired its varsity athletics team name on Wednesday, after a poll of student athletes last year indicated a strong desire — nearly 90 per cent — for a name change … [when] … A social media campaign by many of the school’s student athletes, “I am not your Clansman,” had a massive response from the public … [and] … After the months-long process conducted by the athletics and recreation department, SFU president Andrew Petter decided to change.

So, what can we learn from this?

Well, for a start, it is 100% clear that nearly 90% of SFU’s student-athletes are too bloody stupid to be in grammar school, much less in an accredited university.

25092e63-c546-48bc-a74c-286472e8e9b9Simon Fraser, the famous explorer, for whom the Clan-Fraser-Crestuniversity was named, was a proud member of Clan Fraser. That’s why “The Clan” was chosen as a team name ~ a Scottish clan is a proud, noble and ferociously close-knit thing, It has nothing to do with some washed-up, sore-loser Americans and anyone who thinks it does is too damned ignorant to be allowed into a university.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 09.21.11The second thing we can learn is that Andrew Petter, the President of Simon Fraser University, is a miserable, craven coward who took the easy way out and collapsed in the face of a social media campaign rather than acting like a grown-up, a teacher, and a leader and correcting the stupid students who were themselves victims of an ongoing campaign by groups like Black Lives Matter who want to erase most of our ties to our past, however imperfect our past may have been.

It’s time to stop whining. It’s time to stop listening to then whiners. Our past is far from perfect ~ so, teach that, explain that, publicize that, but remember, please those who fail to learn from history are bound to Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 06.58.57DSC5610_2-removebgrepeat it.  So, Dr Petter and Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland and, and, and … get out of the way! Resign! Make way for real leaders who will stand up for Canada, warts and all.  It’s time for a  change … for a real change!


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

3 thoughts on “A rant

  1. Disagree Edward – the problem is that SFU plays collegiate sports in the NCAA, and does a majority of its competition in the United States. In the areas where they travel, the term Clan is not synonymous with a bunch of highland families from Scotland, but with a terrorist organization. The university has long been aware of how its brand resonates negatively (this was an issues 20 years ago when I had some friends attend there) and has finally acted upon it.

    1. Thanks for that info, Infanteer; I didn’t know that. But I still stand by my rant: grown-ups explain, they teach, they educate; they don’t grovel in front of the ignorant masses. Maybe SFU should play in sports leagues where basic literacy is a requirement, rather than in the NCAA. Dr Petter should resign, immediately after he expels 90% if his student-athletes for being too bloody dumb to be in a university.

  2. I am with you Ted. And why in hell are they playing usa teams? No canadian uni any good for them?
    But the annoying thing is the disregard for the Scots history In Canada. Those with a Gaelic heritage are the third largest ethnic group in Canada, including T1’s in-laws. But i am more annoyed with the uneducated comment about about ‘a bunch of highland families’…I might add from which came 14 prime ministers, banking & finance, health care, transportation & a lot more. Someone needs to read ‘How the Scots created Canada’ before being flippant. BTW Clan means family, loyalty.

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