Caution! Rumour!

I heard a tantalizing rumour the other day, from a normally well informed but anything but 'official' source ~ my source knows a few well placed Liberals but she is not directly connected to anyone in the Trudeau government. Anyway, the unverified rumour is that Justin Trudeau is getting ready to resign ... ... He … Continue reading Caution! Rumour!


In his first major speech Erin O'Toole hit some real policy high notes, saying, according to the Globe and Mail, that "his party will be tough on China: “We will trade freely with free nations and not spend our time chasing trade deals with predatory countries like Communist China.”" Good! That's a good, clear statement … Continue reading Priorities

The next steps

Looking back it appears that Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole paid attention to all those military tactics lessons about the indirect approach. It was evident from the beginning that Peter MacKay was positioning himself to oust Andrew Scheer and coast to victory. Mr MacKay was, as I am, a progressive Conservative. Mr O'Toole proclaimed himself … Continue reading The next steps

“Ladies and gentlemen …”

"Ladies and gentlemen," Pierre Poilievre says at 1'35" of this linked video, "this is a coverup." He says that after showing page after page after page of "released" documents that are totally blacked out ... ... and after explaining that the prorogation of parliament means that the opposition parties cannot, now, force the government to … Continue reading “Ladies and gentlemen …”