How to win Cold War 2.0

Robert M Gates, who was both the United States’ Director of Central Intelligence (1991-93 under President George HW Bush) and Secretary of Defence for both Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama (2006-2011), writes in Foreign Affairs, that “Even before the virus struck, there was broad bipartisan agreement that Washington should reduce its commitments abroadContinue reading “How to win Cold War 2.0”

Throwing the public service under the bus

So, who’s to blame for the We Charity fiasco? According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an answer to NDP MP Charlie Angus, at about 15:45 PM, said cabinet didn’t decide … it was the “professional public service” who gave ministers a “yea or nay” choice. Then in answer to a question from Conservative MPContinue reading “Throwing the public service under the bus”

You should read …

… John Ibbitson’s analysis, in the Globe and Mail, of what’s at stake today for Justin Trudeau. Mr Ibbitson gives Justin Trudeau far more credit than he deserves for handling the COVID-19 pandemic. I continue to believe that Justin Trudeau’s bungling, in the early days, cost Canada thousands of lives. Australia, a country to whichContinue reading “You should read …”

But …

After Tuesday’s testimony at the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Finance, the Globe and Mail‘s editorial board weighed in with some good, common-sense advice. “When you’re inquiring into a government scandal, it’s important to get straight what’s scandalous, or what might be, and what isn’t,” the Globe‘s editorial board says, and I agree. TheyContinue reading “But …”

My choice

It has not exactly been an inspiring race for the leadership of the Conservative Party, but then neither was the last one. Part of the perceived problem was the global pandemic but part of it was a quite unreasonable and, in fact, unreasoned, desire to have some newsworthy “fireworks.” Instead, four reasonable people debated four reasonableContinue reading “My choice”

Did Trudeau muzzle scientists?

Do you remember, just a couple of years ago, when the CBC breathlessly announced that “It took five years, but the results of an investigation by the Information Commissioner of Canada were released and the verdict is in: the Harper government did muzzle scientists“? The investigation was “by Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault  … [and it]Continue reading “Did Trudeau muzzle scientists?”

The fall gal?

A couple of days ago I agreed with the Globe and Mail’s Robyn Urback who said that “In a normal government – one susceptible to shame, subject to real consequences, humbled by its occasional fallibility – Finance Minister Bill Morneau would be made to walk the plank.”  Of course, I don’t expect Bill Morneau toContinue reading “The fall gal?”

Sleeping with the elephant

It is time to return to thinking about the USA and how Canada can and should respond to what is happening there. I have been a fan of Professor Amy Chua since her first book, ‘World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability‘ was published almost 20 years ago.Continue reading “Sleeping with the elephant”

Is it time for a change?

I had high hopes, back about three years ago, that Her Excellency Julie Payette would be a great governor-general. She was, I noted, an accomplished woman and could be an inspirational leader. She was not my first choice for the highest Canadian office ~ I thought, back in early 2016, that Chantal Petitclerc would haveContinue reading “Is it time for a change?”

The new “normal”?

Robyn Urback, writing in the Globe and Mail, says what I know millions of Canadians are thinking: “In a normal government – one susceptible to shame, subject to real consequences, humbled by its occasional fallibility – Finance Minister Bill Morneau would be made to walk the plank.” But this is not a “normal” government andContinue reading “The new “normal”?”