Another no brainer (2)

A few weeks ago I said that a recent batch of asylum seekers from Hong Hong consists of people who “are both legitimate, they are, it is perfectly clear, fleeing persecution, and they are making their applications legally and properly, at Canadian border centres, rather than sneaking into the country illegally. So there should be no problem, right? This is, indeed, a “no brainer” for the Trudeau regime, right? … Well, apparently not.

The Trudeau regime is, of course, engaged in a massive ~ and massively foolish ~ vanity project: seeking a worthless, second-class, temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council. To accomplish that task, to be one of the two (of three ~ Canada, Ireland and Norway) to hold that useless seat, Canadian officials and politicians have decided that they must avoid offending China. That decision has put Canada on a collision course with our most important trading partner and the absolute guarantor of our sovereignty as a nation: the USA. Why, you might ask, would anyone think (if “think” is even the right e6f06a15a9458f85416df665e3d84627_99755f498c4_tword) that a worthless seat in an increasingly irrelevant forum is more important than our harperrelationship with the world’s Number 1 power who is also our next-door neighbour? Believe it or not, it’s all Stephen Harper’s fault! Back in the first decade of this century, Prime Minister Harper showed utter contempt for the United Nations ~ something it, very largely, deserved then and still deserves now, and, Canada was a staunch, almost uncritical supporter or Isreal. Largely because of the latter action, in 2010, Canada failed to win a seat on the UNSC … something that shocked and infuriated the Laurentian Elites.

Canada had fallen, they (the Laurentisl Elites) said. When the Trudeau Liberals won the 2015 general election they pronounced that “Canada is back!” and proceeded to Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 07.41.15… well, they proceeded to do nothing much, because, of course, Canada had never left the world stage. Only our rather unpleasant, self-congratulatory rhetoric had been missing. Justin Trudeau continued Haper’s niggardly support for the UN … our commitment to UN peacekeeping, for example, has fallen to an all-time low. But the seat on the UNSC remained something that Justin Trudeau wants, badly. And since he wants it, and since he is Justin Trudeau, then our principles ~ like treating asylum seekers (who obey the rules) with compassion and generosity, and our vital interests ~ like maintaining good relations with the United States, can be damned.

About a week ago I wrote to the Prime Minister, as I asked you to do, too, and I asked him to stand up, in public, with Public Safety Minister Bill Blair (the MP for Scarborough Southwest), Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino (the MP for Eglinton-Lawrence) and John Ossowski, President of the Canada Border Services Agency and Richard Wex, Chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, standing beside him, and announce that every legal resident of Hong Kong, if they come to Canada, if they enter legally, can apply for asylum and they will be granted refugee status on arrival and will be given an expedited hearing because they are fleeing oppression and the Government of Canada acknowledges that they are in real, imminent danger if they must return to Hong Kong.

Of course, he’s not going to do any of that. Why would he? Doing that would annoy Xi Jinping and Xi would then use his massive influence to turn votes against Canada and Justin Rolling-Stone-Justin-Trudeau-cover-2017CSe4yhMVEAAK78nTrudeau’s vanity project would crash and burn and that would be unthinkable, right? I mean, what do abstract things like principles and the rule of law matter when Justin’s reputation is at stake? That’s Canada’s national interest, isn’t it? Isn’t Justin being on magazine covers what makes us matter in the world? We don’t need policies and principles, do we? And why should we care about people in Hong Kong? It’s not our problem, is it?

I see that the British are considering, despite strong Chinese opposition, a “path to citizenship” for Hong Kong people who are also (as is my wife,* I must point out) holders of a British National (Overseas) passport. Essentially, anyone born, legally, in Hong Kong prior to the handover in 1997.

In my opinion, Canada should do the same. Those holding a British National (Overseas) passport would be allowed to enter Canada and, after passing routine checks for criminality, health, security and so on, should be allowed, immediately, to apply for Permanent Resident status. JohnKoBong3Every available bit of evidence, and my own, personal observations and experience, tells me that Hong Kong people will make exemplary Canadians ~ they have been doing so for over a century. Canadians fought and died for Hong Kong; Canadians, and immigrants born and raised in Hong Kong, fought and died for Canada, too.

Now is the time for the Government of Canada to step up for democracy, for liberty, for freedom … as we have done so often in the past. Now is the time for the Government of Canada to stand up to China.  One act, declaring that any person who arrives, legally, from Hong Kong will be granted asylum and put, immediately ~ but only after passing security and criminal background checks, on a “path to citizenship,” would be the right place to start.

It should be a no brainer … but, first, I think, we’ll need a new, Conservative, government.


* I need to point out that my wife and my step-daughter have been on their own “path to citizenship” since they arrived, legally, five years ago. They are busy filling in the forms to apply to take their citizenship tests so this proposal does not do anything for my immediate family. But I do have extended family and friends in Hong Kong who would benefit from such a programme.



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