Only the terminally stupid

Andrew Coyne is exactly right in this clip, at about 2’15”, from ‘The National‘s’ ‘At Issue‘ panel, when he says that the government is spending tens of billions of dollars and no one is holding them to account.

The COVID-19 pandemic is meaningless, low rent trivia. In June of 1215, that’s just over eight hundred years ago, a bunch of greedy and angry Norman-English noblemen held a weak, corrupt king to account and established a rule which said that there would be limitations on taxation and other feudal payments to the Crown, with certain forms of feudal taxation requiring the consent of those nobles, through a parliament. To this day we, even in Canada, refer to the government side of the House of Commons as the “treasury benches” because it is through the legislature’s (parliament’s) control of the executive’s (cabinet’s) spending that we, the people, manage our government.

This pandemic gives a weak, cowardly, stupid leader a chance to be King John. He doesn’t deserve that opportunity and we must not allow him to have it.

Yes, as Chantal Hébert said in that clip, there are some trivial logistical difficulties ~ if some parliamentary officials have problems with child care then call out the bloody Army! Logistical difficulties can be solved in minutes. They are meaningless,. too.

What matters, ALL that matters is that Parliament must be recalled and it must sit with many, many, many more members present than is now the case ~ scores, even hundreds of MPs, om both sides, not just a couple of dozen. If some MPs are frightened then they can give up their salaries and pensions and by-elections can be called. We’ve had MPs who served while actually fighting in wars. If anyone is afraid of catching a virus then (s)he needs to step aside because they, like Justin Trudeau, are worthless cowards.

There are NO, zero, zilch nada reasons to NOT recall Parliament. Anyone who says that there is either a fool. or a liar … likely both, and a Liberal, too.

Parliament must be recalled, soon. This inept government must be called to account for why we have this situation:

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 20.42.30

The data is from the Financial Times, reflecting the situation on 24 May 2020, and yes, even Iran is doing better than Canada. Justin Truda and Patty Hadju need to explain that in the full glare of the TV cameras. Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau, even more importantly, need to give Canadians a detailed financial update. That’s our money, your tax dollars and mine, that they are throwing about. How do they plan that we, you and me and our children and grandchildren will repay that debt?

Parliament must be recalled, now. Democracy demands accountability. I don’t care about the pandemic; neither should you and neither should any MP or any senior official. If we need troops to be called out to make it work then so be it. Only the terminally stupid think that Parliament is not an essentials service.


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

2 thoughts on “Only the terminally stupid

  1. You brought me to tears. Thank you for your service, and your insight. Grateful that there is still a glimmer of common sense right now. The cowards are using the pandemic to give handouts to politicians to pay their staffers but nobody in my family qualifies. My grandchildren will worry for their grandchildren, as they will still be dealing with this massive money bleed with no oversight. Still to this day, people fly in from China and all over the world. We occasionally ask them nicely if they have been ill or around anyone who is. They lie, and walk in to our airports, hospitals and businesses with impunity. Most of the time we don’t even ask questions, so fearful are we to offend. I am sick to the eye teeth of this government buying the next election with our money, and buying off most media to make sure we are fed propaganda and the PMs monotone non answers to the questions nobody is allowed to ask. The Canada I know and love, and that my grandparents and their families have fought for, is a mere shadow of itself at the hands of globalist traitors. The economy is in death throes, small businesses dying daily. Big box stores and billionaires will be fine, at our expense. I guess I am Conservative too then. Common sense is just not common anymore. Be well Colonel, and please keep writing.

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