A bloody disgrace

I saw this, in the Montreal Gazette: “Jewish leaders called on citizens and police forces to be wary of making their communities the scapegoats for the COVID-19 crisis as unwarranted denunciations and anti-Semitic incidents rise in Montreal … [for example] … The heightened awareness has led to police being called to Outremont synagogues three times in less than a week based on reports Hasidic Jews were congregating inside in defiance of public health orders. Most recently, police were called to a synagogue on Bernard Ave. Thursday night after firefighters reported seeing more than 50 people gathered, an incident reported in the media … [but] … “In each case it was false,” said Alain Picard, a spokesman for the Council of Hasidic Jews of Quebec. “Police came and found there was no one in the synagogues.” The supposed gathering was likely people lined up at a nearby Jewish grocery store, Picard said.

Do you think anyone would have reported a lineup near a Christian church? I don’t. It’s 34515627620_904d99082d_zjust another example of the “everlasting prejudice” that remains all too common and all too commonly accepted in Canada. Hasidic Jews are easily recognizable and, therefore often bear the brunt of the enduring curse of anti-Semitism which is rife amongst the most stupid people in Canada and the world. Prime Minister Trudeau and his ministers blather on about Islamophobia but we rarely hear him (or they) denounce anti-Semitism which is a more serious problem in Canada.

The report goes on to quote Alain Picard who said that “In Outremont, home to thousands of Montreal’s easily recognizable Hasidic Jewish community, there are reports of people being yelled at in the street, or of Jews not allowed into stores and being told to stick to their “Jewish stores.”” He added that “It’s a normal human reaction to be scared, but we say that this is a secular virus. It strikes everyone regardless of religion, colour, language or age.”

I understand that people are scared, but how stupid does one have to be to believe that Jews are, somehow, responsible or this virus? But some do … and no one, at least not that I have read, not the mayor of Montréal, not the Premier of Québec and not the Prime Minister of Canada denounced this business of people being told to “stick to [your] Jewish stores.” That’s a bloody disgrace, to the people who said it, to Montréal, to Québec and it’s a bloody disgrace to Canada, too.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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