Well, isn’t that a kick in the virtue signal?

Lorrie Goldstein, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he wants Canada to lead the world in reducing industrial greenhouse DonaldTrumpgas emissions linked to climate change, the country that led the world in doing it last year was President Donald Trump’s United States … [and, he adds] … the authoritative, Paris-based, International Energy Agency  … [says that] … “The United States saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions in 2019 on a country basis — a fall of 140 Mt (megatonnes) or 2.9%, to 4.8 Gt (gigatonnes). US emissions are now down almost 1 Gt from their peak in 2000, the largest absolute decline by any country over that period” … [and] … This dramatic drop in US emissions was a significant factor in flattening global emissions at 33 Gt in 2019 after two years of increases, and despite the global economy growing by 2.9%, including increased emissions in China and India.

US emissions have dropped by about 15% below 2005 levels,” Mr Golcstein reports, and he says that’s “2% short of its 2020 target of 17% below 2005 emissions … [but] … Trudeau’s target for 2020 was also to lower our emissions by 17% below 2005 levels, but as of 2017, the last year for which Canadian statistics are available, emissions have dropped only 1.9%. In 2017, emissions rose by 1.1% compared to 2016 … [and just to rub salt in the wounds, he says that] … The reason US emissions are dropping so dramatically is that what actually lowers emissions isn’t the endless virtue-signalling on the issue of man-made climate change by Trudeau and his cabinet ministers, most notably former environment minister Catherine McKenna, nor never-ending alarmism by environmental radicals. Nor is it by vilifying Trump as a climate denier for pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

There it is: Donald Trump’s America is cutting greenhouse gas emissions and Justin Trudeau’s Canada is raising them.

20190401Canadians need to wake up to the fact that Justin Trudeau is a phoney. He’s nothing more than a mindless sock-puppet being manipulated by factions that want to bury Canada’s economy until, I guess, we need to sell ourselves to American oil interests or George Soros. The simple fact is that Prime Minister Trudeau’s environmentalism is all talk 106019313-1563200705311rts2lz47and no action; it’s all a sham. He’s a fake feminist, a fake leader, a fake friend of First Nations and fake environmentalist, too.  I have no brief for President Trump nor for his administration, but America, Trump’s America is working, it’s doing something to cut greenhouse gas emissions, maybe despite Trump, I don’t know. But I do know that Canada is failing and that really is a kick in our virtue signal, isn’t it?

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

2 thoughts on “Well, isn’t that a kick in the virtue signal?

  1. When the Liberals first swept back in to power we were told that it was the beginning of the new “sunny ways” era. Canada would highlight the path to lead the World out of darkness. Heads of State from around the globe would beat a path to the Prime Ministers door to learn how to properly govern their countries. Other than a few magazine covers and a circus trip to India not much has changed. Many world leaders know exactly how they are treating their populations, that is what keeps them in control. To obtain an ‘unfiltered’ view of Canada a person needs to travel outside the country and observe the conversation of others.

    Outside of the bubble many Canadians are becoming insecure on the world stage. Few in the world take our self righteous attitude seriously and many Canadians secretly doubt it themselves.There are significant cracks developing in national unity causing some Canadians to wonder if we are approaching the point of no return. Recently Federal parties have pitted one area of the country against the other for political gain. It is starting to reveal unintended consequences.

    Conversation with foreigners rarely centers on how Canada is the ultimate example for the world. The words ineffective, insignificant, irrelevant, etc. are more likely to be part of the conversation. To be fair a large portion of the world population, given the choice, would relocate to Canada. Some for the unlimited opportunity to build a better life and some for our generous social programs / healthcare. Canada has been a moderate world leader in the past and has the potential to lead again. First we need to get realistic and have our own house in order. We should not ‘talk the talk’ if we cannot ‘walk the walk’.

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