Justin Trudeau has ceded the right to govern

downloadDerek Burney, who, over a long and distinguished career, has been a diplomat, political strategist, business executive and teacher, too, writes, in the National Post, that “It is times like this when Lucien Bouchard’s claim that “Canada is not a real country” has an eerie ring of truth. Protesters of many stripes have the upper hand in pockets of the country. The rule of law has been parked in the cupboard. Rail lines are blockaded and services suspended. A provincial legislature was shuttered. The country’s economy is crippled. The national interest has no defender. The preferred solution is not a return to order and apprehension of the offenders. Rather it is “dialogue” — as remote and amorphous a prescription as the lowest form of sophistry; one that often can be a euphemism for vacillation and the evasion of responsibility … [and, he says, we have, in Ottawa] … A government that seems incapable of enforcing the rule of law or asserting the national interest … [it] … has lost the will to govern … [and, worse] … It has effectively ceded the right to govern. Dialogue is no prescription for those who refuse to listen because they believe themselves to be custodians of the only truth. They break the laws of the land with abandon, certain that they will face no consequences. Many of their complaints have been addressed extensively by the courts and by the responsible regulatory agencies and have been endorsed by duly elected band councils. Yet nothing but abject capitulation is what is being demanded.

That’s it: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ceded the right to govern to handfuls of thugs (who call themselves “warriors” but who cower and run when faced by real fighting men) and activists who, mainly, have no idea about how or why the climate is changing and how or why First Nations came to be in such terrible circumstances.

The words on the Peace Tower carry an ominous caution:” Derek Burney writes, ““When there is no vision, the people perish”


Today,” he opines, “we have neither vision nor leadership. Instead of a clear sense of direction, we wallow in save-the-world mantras and mythologies. Instead of leadership, we hear feckless platitudes. Our law enforcement agencies are idled, awaiting the direction no one in government seems willing to give. In the absence of firm political leadership, fingers are pointed everywhere except where they belong.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 08.11.03doug_fordLet me be clear. It is not just Justin Trudeau at whom the fingers of blame need to be pointed. Both BC Premier Horgan ⇐ and Ontario Premier Ford ⇒ have also abrogated their responsibilities as the chief magistrates of their provinces. They have the executive responsibility to enforce all the laws in their provinces. Both have failed.

Derek Burney concludes that “We are slip-sliding towards a national paralysis with the same degree of complacency and indulgence that brought us to this self-made crisis — policies that have stunted our competitiveness, set region against region, hollowed out our global image and left us squabbling over peripheral issues. The most precious elements of our existence atrophy from sheer neglect … [because, he explains] … The priorities for any Canadian government are national unity, prosperity and security … [and] … We are lagging on all three. Tensions are smouldering in western Canada as efforts to develop their major energy resource are negated or stymied by oppressive regulations and malign neglect. Our economy is anemic, and our security is compromised by the unwillingness of those who purport to govern to uphold the law. Before we try to save the planet, we need urgently to refurbish the national fabric.

Step one, of two, for Canada, is to get rid of Justin Trudeau, because he is unfit to govern, obviously uninterested in governing and he has ceded the right to govern.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 04.01.15I suspect that the Liberal Pary is already planning his farewell … my guess is that Chrystia Freeland, a second rate politician with no discernible leadership ability has been selected to replace him. That’s not good enough. She might be the ablest minister in his cabinet, amongst the Anglophones, at any rate, but she really is a 3d128cb0f7d3a2433b3637acb876189fsecond rate politician. The Liberal Party has driven out some very able people, it may be necessary to appoint an interim leader, someone like Marc Garneau, and then hold a proper leadership race and then hope that some able people, like Andrew Leslie or Jane Philpott, can be persuaded to return to a party that has gotten rid of the unethical stench of Justin Trudeau. Canada needs the Liberal Party but it needs one that has shaken off the effects of both Pierre and Justin Trudeau.

Step two is to for Canada to rediscover the political virtues of integrity, vision, responsibility and courage ~ the mainstream, celebrity-obsessed media will be of little help in this. Canada needs leaders, from all across the political spectrum …

Conservatives, Liberals and others, for 2020 and beyond, who will put principles and the national interest ahead of petty, parochial, partisan politics.


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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