Thank you

So, my stellar blog host, Word Press, tells me that, as 2019 draws to a close in just a few moments or hours, depending upon where you live, its statistics say that about 25,000 people visited this site in 2019 and about 75,000 articles were read ~ or, at least, just glanced at, briefly. Thank […]

A year-end thought on a vital issue

Murray Brewster, writing for CBC News, reports that “Canada’s new frigates are being designed with ballistic missile defence in mind, even though successive federal governments have avoided taking part in the U.S. program … [but, he ads] … When they slip into the water some time in the mid-to-late 2020s, the new warships probably won’t […]

Not surprising (2)

David Pugliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, tells us that “Canadians won’t be allowed to work on parts of the country’s new surveillance aircraft because they contain sensitive American-made equipment that can only be handled by U.S. citizens.” First, this ‘NOFORN’ designation is fairly (and I’m told increasingly) common in the United States. Canada has […]

Blue-collar conservatism

Aereo is a British left-leaning e-zine (or maybe just a glorified blog) that has been around for just a few years. In a recent (December 2019) article written by its editor, Helen Puckrose and James A Lindsay (both of whom enjoyed a brief moment of fame a year or so ago for writing “20 fake […]

Why we build warships

About 10 years ago, when the national shipbuilding procurement strategy was announced, by the (Conservative) Harper government, there was much discussion about how many ships, what kind of ships and how much money ~ I seem to recall that the government of the day low-balled the costs at $35 Billion, the current Parliamentary Budget Officer […]

What the ….?

Let’s just review the situation, shall we … First: Justin Trudeau opened a (one-sided) love affair with China, suggesting that a free(er) trade deal was imminent; Then: in late 2017 Team Trudeau was sent packing by the Chinese after it presented an ill-conceived bit of virtue signalling instead of concrete, business-like trade proposals; Next: the […]

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas eve and this picture, painted by noted Canadian artist Silvia Pecota during the Afghanistan War ~ she went to the combat zone as part of the war artist programme, should remind us all that there are men and women at sea, in bunkers, overseas, and waiting in flight-line ready-rooms, prepared to defend us: […]