Arrant bloody nonsense

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 16.04.00I see, on the CP24 News website, that Canada’s Defence Minister Harjot Sajjan said, at the Halifax International Security Forum, that ““We don’t consider China as an adversary” …[and he added] … “We do have two Canadians that have been arbitrarily detained in China and we ask China for their expeditious release and that’s extremely important to us.”” The first statement is breathtakingly stupid. I never thought Minister Sajjan was in any way especially well ‘qualified’ to be Minister of National Defence but, until now, I didn’t think he was a blithering idiot.

Meanwhile, another extraordinarily well educated and accomplished dimwit, prominent Québec lawyer and Liberal, Marc-marc-andr-blanchard-80e83dff-245b-45a5-86e8-b31bd986ff3-resize-750André Blanchard, Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations and Canada’s Representative to the Ismaili Imamat (which is the branch of Islam headed by the Aga Khan ~ the one who owns the private island in the Caribbean where Justin Trudeau and Seamus O’Reagan and their families vacationed, improperly, contrary to the House of Commons’ own conflict of interest rules) and who is rumoured to be replacing Gerald Butts in the PMO, says, on social media, that “Le Canada retrouve sa voix à l’ONU” which, loosely, means that “Canada regains its voice at the UN.” He says that because, for the first time in several years, Canada changed its position on the issue of a Palestinian State. As the Globe and Mail explains, “Over the past decade, both Conservative and Liberal governments have annually voted against the resolution, which, among other things, urges an “end to the Israeli occupation” and calls for the preservation of the “territorial unity, contiguity and integrity of all of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.”” Why the sudden change of policy on the same day that a new foreign minister was sworn in? The Globe says that “Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne said Canada has explained its position to its allies and has been in touch with members of the Jewish community about its decision to support the UN resolution … [which was] … sponsored by North Korea, Egypt, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and the Palestinian Authority.” The reason must be abundantly clear to every single thinking Canadian: Canada is trying to curry favour in its bid for a useless, temporary, second-class seat on the pointless United Nations Security Council. The ‘voice‘ that M Blanchard says Canada has ‘regained‘ is that of a beggar, seeking political scraps from the Arab League‘s table. Canada is back? Oh, yeah ~ Trudeau’s Canada is ‘back‘ … on its knees to failed states, terrorism supporting regimes and miserable anti-Semites.

canada-china_-e1574447416704Then, to top it all off, Cong Peiwu, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Canada, used quite undiplomatic language to threaten Canada against even thinking about taking actions similar to those taken by the United States Congress to protest against China’s violations of the civil rights of the people of Hong Kong. The Trudeau regime was silent when the only correct reaction would have been to:

  • Call the new Ambassador on to the carpet and remind him that he is guest in Canada and can be expelled on 24 hour’s notice; and
  • Tell the Chinese ambassador that as soon as Parliament reconvenes the Government will introduce a bill using Magnitsky Law provisions to apply various sanctions against very senior Chinese officials who are considered to be guilty of ordering the violation of the rights of the people of Hong Kong.

I’m not blaming our newly minted foreign affairs minister François-Philippe trudeauchicago-e1518051554787Champagne, he’s so new he’s probably just barely found his office Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 12.30.09… this all smacks of Deputy Prime Minister and grand-mistress of ineptitude Chrystia Freeland and our man-child prime minister, Justin Trudeau. They are, above all, ardent progressives which, in my opinion, means they are marching, in quick-time, towards authoritarianism, possibly even of the Stalinist variety, which all too often includes and usually incites ethnically based identity politics and anti-Semitism. Canada’s foreign and security policies have fallen to the level of arrant bloody nonsense … and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

8 thoughts on “Arrant bloody nonsense

  1. When do we start the incompetence proceeding to remove Trudeau and his Government? Who can we count on to lead this nation for the people? Who will undue the damage Trudeau and his masters did to this great land? How do we get rid of China and the 23000 Chinese troops in northern BC?

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