More from Kevin Rudd about China

Following on from yesterday … I have cited and discussed the views of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is pretty well known China watcher, on more than one occasion, because I believe he usually has something very useful to say. Mr Rudd begins a very worthwhile analysis in the Sydney Morning Herald withContinue reading “More from Kevin Rudd about China”

We need to get Canada up off its knees

Terry Glavin, writing in MacLean’s magazine, says that “With Beijing’s most determined allies decisively crushed by a democratic alliance in Hong Kong’s district elections over the weekend, at least somebody’s putting up some kind of a fight against Xi Jinping’s increasingly savage aggression and belligerence. Because it certainly isn’t Canada.” He reminds us, as IContinue reading “We need to get Canada up off its knees”

President Trump does the right thing

It’s not often that I have anything good to say about US President Donald Trump but, as the global media is reporting, he did the right thing yesterday and signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law. He had threatened, just days ago, to veto the bill if that might have helpedContinue reading “President Trump does the right thing”

Canadian pipelines vs. Chinese coal

There is an important article in The Guardian which says that “China’s growing appetite for new coal-fired power stations has outstripped plant closures in the rest of the world since the start of last year, data shows … [and] … Elsewhere countries reduced their capacity by 8GW in the 18 months to June because old plants were retiredContinue reading “Canadian pipelines vs. Chinese coal”

Trump is about to rain on Trudeau’s parade

Many in the media are saying, and I agree, that Justin Trudeau’s agenda for the next couple of years is about 99.9% domestic and focused, mainly, gaining seats in on Québec and holding on, at least, in Atlantic Canada and in urban and suburban Ontario and British Columbia. The overarching aim ~ the ONLY aimContinue reading “Trump is about to rain on Trudeau’s parade”

Neat and cool and important, too

The digital newsletter Breaking Defense published this report, a few days ago, on 21 Nov: “Warships from several NATO allies tracked and knocked down ballistic missile targets from the sea for the first time sharing targeting information across a shared alliance network … [that, alone, is significant; planners and engineers have been talking about this since theContinue reading “Neat and cool and important, too”

Loud and clear

Hong Kong has spoken … in the best way possible, at the ballot box. In what I think will be seen as, generally, free and fair district council elections ~ the only kind of democracy that exists in Hong Kong ~ nearly three million people came out to vote, a 71% voter turn out, aContinue reading “Loud and clear”

Arrant bloody nonsense

I see, on the CP24 News website, that Canada’s Defence Minister Harjot Sajjan said, at the Halifax International Security Forum, that ““We don’t consider China as an adversary” …[and he added] … “We do have two Canadians that have been arbitrarily detained in China and we ask China for their expeditious release and that’s extremelyContinue reading “Arrant bloody nonsense”

And still a bit more good news

Irving Shipyards, in Halifax, began, on 22 Nov, what are known as ‘builder’s trials’ of the first of the Harry DeWolf class Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) called for by Prime Minister Stephen Harper early in his first mandate and, finally, in the water over ten years later … … despite my often expressed reservationsContinue reading “And still a bit more good news”