The imposter

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 07.17.44The Globe and Mail‘s Robert Fife and Daniel Leblanc seem to be, it appears, something like the “go-to guys” for Liberals who are fed up with Justin Trudeau’s lies and unethical behaviours. This time they recount the sad story of “Montreal-area MP Eva Nassif [who] says she was denied the Liberal nomination in her riding for the Oct. 21 federal election in part because she did not post social-media tributes earlier this year lauding Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as a feminist.

That’s right: she alleges that the Trudeau Liberals refused to renominate a sitting MP, even though Liberal Party policy says that “Current Liberal MPs will be nominated again as 2019 candidates provided they and their local Liberal Association meet a series of important new targets for community engagement.” The article says that Ms Nassif “maintains she was active in the riding and “met all the party requirements, whether financially, door knocking and bringing new members.” Ms. Nassif said she was one of the first Quebec MPs to meet the Liberal candidacy requirements – in April, 2018 – of having knocked on at least 3,500 doors or made 5,000 telephone calls, signed up 150 new members and added 30 new monthly donors … [and, the article adds] … Ms. Nassif told The Globe she thought … [a telephone call with Prime Minister Trudeau on 28 May 2019] … went well and Mr. Trudeau indicated the party would approve her nomination in a few weeks …. [adding] … “He said two times, I know Eva, you work the riding very, very well. He said a few weeks won’t stop you from campaigning and winning your riding,” she told The Globe.” Previously, CBC News had reported that “Laval’s outgoing Liberal MP for the Vimy riding says she will be pulling out of politics before the upcoming election this fall … [and] … Eva Nassif bade farewell to her constituents Thursday evening, posting a lengthy resignation letter to social media … [saying that] … “Recent events of a personal nature motivate this decision, which I do not take lightly” … [but] … riding president Giuseppe Margiotta told The Canadian Press that Nassif was pushed out without any reason given.”

Eva Nassif told the Globe and Mail that “she had wanted to run again, and party officials forced her to issue the statement or they would announce publicly that she had been rejected as a candidate … [and] … On Aug. 21, she said, Olivier Duchesneau, the Liberal Party’s deputy national campaign director, and Liberal national campaign co-chair Sylvie Paradis called her to the Chateau Champlain Hotel in Montreal … [then, Ms Nassif said] … “I know I was bullied out. I was kicked out. I was forced to resign,” she said. “They offered me an impossible choice – withdraw my nomination or face public humiliation. They told me I had 24 hours to decide and that no appeal was possible. I withdrew my nomination to avoid what I knew was coming – a campaign of embarrassment, baseless smears and lies from the Liberal Party. In the end, however, I am glad that I withdrew. Knowing what I know now, I could not, in good conscience have run as a Liberal, in support of intellectual dishonesty and cognitive dissonance.”

Messers Fife and Leblanc tell us that “Ms. Nassif is the only Liberal incumbent in Quebec not to receive the party’s nod for a second term.

Now, Ms Nassif was not a trouble-free MP. Much of the article focuses on her complaint, Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 07.08.50which she made to the Liberal caucus and to the prime minister, that she was harassed ~ not sexually ~ by three other Liberal MPs from other Laval constituencies bordering Ms Nassis’s Vimy riding: Yves Robillard (Marc-Aurèle-Fortin), Angelo Iacono (Alfred-Pellan) and Fayçal El-Khoury (Laval — Les Îles). It’s not clear why they were harassing her, but “Ms. Nassif told The Globe the three other Laval MPs objected to her attending a pre-Fête Nationale event in 2016 that they were not going to, cut her out of sitting at the head table at an interfaith dinner, wouldn’t let her read a message from Mr. Trudeau at a Laval-area event, and placed ads in a local paper in 2016 that featured them and excluded her.” Apparently Liberal whip Andrew Leslie tried to mediate but he, very properly, refused to provide details.

So the question is: Why?

The Good Grey Globe‘s intrepid investigative journalists remind us that “In March, amid a furor over the resignations from the cabinet of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott because of the way charges against engineering company SNC-Lavalin were handled, all Liberal MPs, particularly women, were encouraged to defend Mr. Trudeau on Twitter and Facebook. Some used similar language to express confidence in him as a leader who “always listened to the voices of women.”” Eva Nassif did not join in and she says that ““I was punished for failing to hail Justin Trudeau as a great feminist in the wake of SNC-Lavalin when I didn’t post anythingAnd I was happy not to post anything because I am authentic” … [and] … She added that the way Ms. Wilson-Raybould and Ms Philpott were treated by Mr. Trudeau and others led to her disenchantment … [saying that] … “I was called by [a cabinet minister] to ask why I wasn’t going to support the Prime Minister. And I said I didn’t feel I would be authentic to come and post that he is a feminist after what he had done” …. [and] … It didn’t help that Liberal MPs had spotted her hugging Ms. Wilson-Raybould outside the House of Commons, she added.

In a later report, the Globe and Mail says that “Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is not saying why a Montreal-area MP was denied a Liberal nomination to run in the current election campaign, but he is insisting it is not because Eva Nassif failed to publicly endorse his feminist credentials earlier this year.” But neither he nor party spokespersons would say why she was “red-lighted” by the Party’s “green-light committee.”

Was it just because she offended Justin Trudeau? Because she wasn’t loyal enough?

At a guess: Yes!

The fact that she was unpopular with some fellow MPs because she might have been a bit of a local maverick might provide a convenient cover. It also goes some way to explaining why Andrew Leslie may not have been able to resolve her harassment complaints ~ if her fellow MPs felt she was, in some way, perhaps by not drinking the Team Trudeau Kool-Aid with sufficient enthusiasm, potentially damaging their reelection chances, they would not be willing to keep her as part of the team and may have actively campaigned against her renomination. But it appears, to me that that loyalty blind obedience to the centre (see my comments yesterday) is the minimum acceptable standard for Team Trudeau.

This sort of thuggish behaviour reminds of the Mafia, or worse … we all learned about 75 years ago that “following orders” is not a reasonable justification for taking improper actions. The ends, reelecting Justin Trudeau, do not justify the means. But, for many years, the Liberal Party seems to have had trouble with this simple concept …

… we saw it in the late 1990s and early 2000s, we’re seeing it again, just 15 to 20 years later.*

95d471a0-3ec8-11e9-b0a6-d9395dec29a0_JDX-1x1_WEBThe real issue is that Justin Trudeau is, as Paul Wells put it to us a few months ago, an imposter. He claims to be a feminist but he tosses principled women aside. He claims to be an environmentalist but he puys a pipeline. He claims that “Canada is back,” but he ruins relations with India and several other countries. He promised electoral reform, but when a consensus seemed to appear that wasn’t what he wanted he abandoned the whole project. He promised balanced budgets, but … well, you get the picture.

Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist, a serial promise-breaker. He has a serious problem with ethics and personal responsibility.  And, on the world’s stage, he’s a global laughing-stock because he’s an unbearable lightweight and the blackface just makes it worse for Canada. But, the latest polling data suggests, the Liberal Party is still the odds-on-favourite to win the most seats in the forthcoming election …

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 08.20.00

… how can that be? Have we, Canadians decided that dishonesty is a quality we admire in politicians? Has the Liberal’s heavy-handed smear campaign against Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives actually worked? Does anyone with the brains the gods gave to green peppers seriously believe that that act of painting Stephen Harper’s face as part of a sacred ceremony to make him an honorary member of a First Nation is somehow analogous to Justin Trudeau wearing blackface and touching a young woman?

Have we, Canadians lost all sense of propriety? The Jane Philpott/Jody Wilson-Raybould story does not need repeating. Eva Nassif is not seeking reelection because she refused to lie for a fake feminist. Celina Caesar-Chavannes decided not to seek reelection and then left the Liberal caucus because of Justin Trudeau’s hostility. Andrew Leslie is out because of “ethical things.” There’s’ a pattern there and that pattern is that Justin Trudeau is clearly unfit for elected office because he’s a fake, a hypocrite and an imposter. The correct thing for Canadians, including millions of good, decent, honest Liberal supporters, some of whom are my friends, to do next month is to vote for an alternative to the Liberal candidate in your riding. If you cannot bring yourself;f to do that, and I understand it can be too hard, then please consider spoiling your ballot, for Canada’s sake, to send the Liberal Party of Canada a message it needs to hear.

Justin Trudeau says, at 17:12 in an interview with Global News, that we should “Look at what we’ve donelook at how we deliver on those promises.” Justin Trudeau is right, Canadians need to do that, and when they fo they will see a record of failures, broken promises, ineptitude, lies, unethical conduct and a poor excuse for a leader.

Justin Trudeau is not a leader; he never was and he never will be; he’s a puppet in the hands of some über-progressive political operators … an imposter.


* 71g1tgXKqPL._RI_The original (Chrétien) Libranos$ graphic came from the late, lamented Western Standard. It was based on a popular TV crime series, The Sopranos. I found the second (Trudeau) image online but I cannot find the source now. I would love to give credit to whoever did it.

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