I take Justin Trudeau at his word, Canadians should, too

There is a recent article by Rosemary Barton on the CBC News website which promotes a new book by her fellow CBC News journalist Aaron Wherry, which relies heavily on several interviews with Justin Trudeau ~ but none with Jody Wilson-Raybould, of course, because, as she explained to Mr Wherry, she is still bound by cabinet confidentiality to not discuss the matters about which Mr Trudeau seems free to speak.

Anyway, Justin Trudeau says, ““I was very confident that [Gerald Butts] had not done anything wrong” … [in the SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould matter, and, the article says] … Trudeau would not admit to any ethical lapse, and suggested that his refusal caused the reconciliation attempts to founder … [saying] … “I can’t apologize for something that I don’t fundamentally think we did wrong” … [and] … “that was really sort of the key of it. I’d say there’s lots of things that we needed to learn from, and I really regret it.”

Those are his words, and I think we must all take him at his word. I do. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong. His own moral standards suggest that it is OK to violate long-standing constitutional principles (the Shawcross Doctrine) when it is convenient because his cronies in SNC-Lavalin are in a spot of legal bother.

I believe him. I believe that he does not, probably cannot see the deep ethical flaws in his own character.

trudeauchicago-e1518051554787It was always pretty clear that Justin Trudeau only got to where he is because if his name. His own party colleagues knew that: ““Even within his own party, there’s a perception of him as a lightweight”” one observer said. And the most remarkable “lightness” about Justin Trudeau has been the near-total absence of any ethical foundation. He is who he is … I believe him. I believe he honestly sees himself as a feminist and is equally honest when he says that the young lady in Kokanee, British Columbia, some years ago, “must have experienced things differently.” He is, no doubt, confused about why it is improper for him to accept a helicopter ride to the Aga Khan’s private island. Sure, there are rules, but they can’t apply to him … can they? He was, equally, at the height (or depth, take your pick) of the SNC-Lavalin scandal, certain of himself when he said, “I don’t fundamentally think we did wrong.” I believe him … I am certain that he is telling the truth when he says that he does not think he and Gerald Butts and all the others in his inner circle did anything wrong … Jody Wilson-Raybould must have just experienced things differently, but then, just hours ago:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 12.50.03

So, we all, even died-in-the-wool Liberal supporters, even Liberals who ran for office as part of his team, know he did wrong, don’t we?  It’s just that he doesn’t know, or understand … and therein lies the problem: Justin Trudeau is, no doubt, nice, pleasant and even sincere, but he has no moral base. He is an unethical person. He is unfit for elected office.

We must all remember that …


… Burke did say something like that, John Stuart Mill said something closer, but President Kennedy’s warning was clear. He and Canada’s Prime Minister, John G Diefenbaker, did not get along but Kennedy knew that Diefenbaker, misguided though he was on many important issues, was an honest man and a true democrat. John Diefenbaker was one of the “good menwho did something when they saw evil. Can anyone say that about Justin Trudeau? He’s been found, time and again, to have violated clear, simple ethical rules when it seems personally convenient or politically expedient for him to do so; he expells MPs from caucus for disagreeing with him. Is he honest? Is he a democrat? I believe that the answer to both questions is “No.” And “No” must be Canada’s resounding answer when the Liberal Party of Canada asks for your vote in October.

For my Liberal friends: you need to hold your noses in 2019 and vote for another party. You will, each of you, have decent candidates in your ridings who do not support Justin Trudeau ~ some might be Liberals, but more likely they are Independents or Greens, perhaps you have a good, solid, moderate NDP candidate in our riding, or perhaps, very probably, a moderate Conservative can earn your trust and respect. The future of liberalism in Canada and the future of your Liberal Party depends on you good Liberals, and there are thousands, even 91f88706-78ec-4915-9656-9b34cb02140c3d128cb0f7d3a2433b3637acb876189fmillions of you, dumping Justin Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau’s legacy on history’s dung heap, where they belong, and then rebuilding your party in the image of Sir Wilfred Laurier, Louis St Laurent, Paul Martin Sr, Paul Martin Jr, John Manley and, today, around people like Marc Garneau and Andrew Leslie.

I believe Justin Trudeau. I believe that he doesn’t believe that the ethical and moral standards which guide the rest of us apply to him … he’s special. I take him at his word when he says that he doesn’t understand that he did anything wrong. He doesn’t understand because he lacks basic moral standards, and because of that I will never vote for him nor for candidates of the party he leads; Canadians should do the same.


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

9 thoughts on “I take Justin Trudeau at his word, Canadians should, too

  1. On Aug 14, 2019 at 8:05 PM, Ted Campbell’s Point of View … an old soldier’s thoughts on shoes and ships and sealing wax and many other things. Your comments are welcome. My views (and biases) are my own, but they should be challenged by those who may know better. wrote:

    WordPress.com Ted Campbell posted: “There is a recent article by Rosemary Barton on the CBC News website which promotes a new book by her fellow CBC News journalist Aaron Wherry, which relies heavily on several interviews with Justin Trudeau ~ but none with Jody Wilson-Raybould, of course, “

  2. Good article, but based on the premise that the ‘other’ PMs had a good ethical and moral base, which is not remotely the truth. Justin Trudeau simply does not hide like all the others did…their true characters, goals and beliefs were never exposed until they were 6-feet in the ground.

    Gerald Butts is not the director of the Liberal Party for nothing. He is a major player in the establishment of a OWO region, with our Parliament subsumed under the UN Parliamentary Assembly (recently signed by Governor General Payette).

    It is not by accident that in 1988 our resources and fresh water were traded to the USA by Brian Mulroney, and then in 1992, the occuption of our landmass by the UN under the pretense that it would provide environmental protection was also facilitated by Brian Mulroney. It is not by accident that by 1994 the UN Municpal Manual was distributed to every municipality in Ontario (even Canada) to subsume the elected officials in all decision-making, particularly about land.

    And it is not an accident that in 1994-2004, a private for-profit corporation called Teranet was given the go-ahead to destroy documents, transfer land titles to a corrupted form of the purchaser’s given name and downgrade the property title from Absolute to ‘Qualified’, thereby returning us to the feudal system of land managment.

    EVERY PM has had a hand in getting us to where we are today. Justin Trudeau, like his father, simply doesn’t care what the people think…soon enough he will also give us the finger. The New World Government started over a thousand years ago to implement their plan to control the world. We are now living in the 4th Reich of the Vatican Corporation.

  3. Nice article. I enjoyed reading it.

    My view is that all politicians are beholden to the corporations that get them elected and as long as that system is allowed to play out, this is what we will get.

  4. Your analysis is wrong on so many levels. Justin Trudeau is an MP and as such is expected to act on behalf of his constituents. As P.M. his constituency is all of Canada including the employees of SNC Lavalin and associated contractors. I believe him when he says he was acting in their interest. The assumption made that a DPA is a cushy deal is not valid since the terms could be more onerous than those a court might proscribe. Whether 9000 jobs were really at risk is not relevant because J.T. et al believed they were. The real problem for SNC was the fact of a criminal conviction would prevent them from bidding on government work. That work would then go to other firms, many of them foreign.

    TheThey acted in good faith.

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