Trump 2020

The Globe and Mail‘s editorial board says, in the wake of the fiasco that was Special Counsel Mueller’s recent testimony to the US Congress, that “Robert Mueller’s testimony before two Congressional committees in Washington on Wednesday was the very embodiment of why the Democrats are at risk of handing the 2020 election to President Donald Trump.

The Democrats are “at risk” of losing in 2020, that’s true, but I’m not sure that being unable to impeach President Trump is the reason.

106019313-1563200705311rts2lz47President Trump remains popular with a large number of Americans. I have not seen recent data but I will say, without fear of contradiction, that no Democratic kamala-harris-d-ca-speaks-to-reporters-after-announcing-her-candidacy-for-president-of-the-united-states-photo-by-al-dragogetty-images-fullcontender, not Joe Biden, not Elizabeth Warren, not Bernie Sanders and not even the estimable Kamala Harris have anywhere near the genuine popular support that Donald J Trump enjoys. I am sure that millions of Americans will support whichever candidate the Democratic Party chooses, some because they believe that the Democrats offer better solutions for America’s problems and others because they detest President Trump ~ but about as many will vote for Donald Trump because he speaks for them about issues that matter to them in a way that they understand.

Anyone who has followed my ramblings in this blog will know that I hold President Trump in low esteem. I think he is a poor excuse for a leader and I fear that he is leading America in exactly the wrong direction. But, if I was an American (and I think I would be an independent voter, but one who leaned Republican on many issues) I am afraid that, with the exception of Senator Harris, I would find Mr Trump a less bad choice than almost any Democrat.

America is, as I have said, again and again, deeply divided. The Globe and Mail says, correctly in my view, that “The only way to get Mr. Trump out of office is to convince enough Americans to vote for his Democratic opponent in 16 months from now. That is what anyone who wants Mr. Trump returned to private life must focus on … [and] … That means the Democrats must reach out to swing voters in swing states, some of whom cast their ballots for Mr. Trump in 2016. There is no way to win in 2020 without them … [but] … That in turn means talking about the issues they care about, from health care (they want better insurance and lower drug costs) to immigration (they don’t want open borders, but neither are they comfortable with Mr. Trump’s abusive policies and racist rhetoric) to the United States’ place in the world.” A lot of Americans do have, at best, unreliable access to high-cost health care but that issue bedevils both parties, equally, I think. Immigration and handling illegal migrants is, in my opinion, a win for President Trump and will remain so, even though I think he has almost everything about immigration back-asswards. America’s “place in the world” also favours President Trump, right now. On several issues, he is doing what about half of the America people want to be done.

The issues, global and domestic, that brought Donald Trump to the White House are not nikki-haleygoing away. Neither is he. It is very possible, even probable that he will be reelected in 2020 and that another Republican ~ maybe former governor (South Carolina) and Kamala-HarrisAmerican Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley ~ will follow him in 2024. I think that the übuer cautious, (relatively) moderate Senator Kamala Harris has a better-than-most chance of stopping the Trump Party, IF she can enunciate positions on health care, immigration, jobs and America’s place in the world that will appeal to white male voters in the American Mid-West and in Michigan and the “rust belt” states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. If not, it’s all Trump, all the way in 2020 with all that means for Canada and the world.

It’s another factor for Canadian to consider when they vote this October:


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