This …

… needed saying, by Andrew Scheer: “There’s the door. You’re not welcome here:”

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In a speech that made it clear that a Conservative government will not appeal to Maxime Bernier’s mean and narrow vision of Canada, but will, also, close the loopholes, the ones that Justin Trudeau has ignored, that make unwelcome illegal migrants into asylum seekers, Mr Scheer said, as Kathleen Harris wrote, for CBC News, that “he would restore fairness and faith in the integrity of Canada’s immigration system by cracking down on those who “game” the refugee process and supporting newcomers who help boost the economy.

That is almost ⅔ of what I have been advocating: I want fairness and integrity for the immigration system; generosity and effectiveness in Canada’s aid to refugees; and a real, serious crackdown on illegal migrants.

DiGRYp7U0AAT3kOIt’s a pity that Mr Scheer needed to say as much as he did about his and his Party’sd views on racism, but Andrew Scheer needs, right now, in the face of blatantly scurrilous and downright dishonest attacks by Team Trudeau, especially by Ahmed Hussen, to affirm to Canadians that he, based on his own, deeply held, moral convictions, does not support the (few) fearful racists who will, likely, abandon the Conservative Party anyway, in favour of Maxime Bernier. His speech was panned by Campbell Clark in the Globe and Mail who said that “his speech was so full of unclear, empty phrases that it won’t reassure anyone about how he will apply those principles to immigration.” In fact, however, as Ms Harris (CBC News) says, Mr Scheer promised that “a Conservative government would:

  • Do more to promote privately sponsored refugees.
  • Safeguard and emphasize economic immigration.
  • Improve language training so newcomers can succeed economically and socially.
  • Improve credential recognition to make it easier for newcomers to practise their professions and trades.
  • Provide low-skilled workers a permanent path to residency, making sure wages are fair and taking steps to prevent abuse of workers.
  • Close a loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement to prevent people from entering Canada at Roxham Road in Quebec and other illegal crossing points …”

… all of which seems fairly detailed and pretty clear to me. He did not, as I (and I suspect Mr Clark) would have wished, promise to raise immigration levels, steadily, with an aim of giving Canada a population of 100 Million by 2100. Nor did he threaten, as I wish he would have done, to detain illegal migrants pending deportation in order to send a message to all the  others to stay put in the USA rather than to try to come to Canada to “asylum shop.”

On balance, Andrew Scheer has, once again, done a good job of raising another pillar which will support the 2019 campaign platform. Not everyone will like it; some will wish he had said a bit more, others a bit less, but he affirmed that immigration ≠ illegal migration and illegal migrants ≠ refugees, and that needed saying. Additionally, he said, loudly and clearly, that the Conservative Pary of Canada stands for a properly managed, fairly administered, colour-blind immigration policy that serves Canada’s long term interests, and that needed saying, too.

Thoughtful Canadians will support Andrew Scheer in 2019.


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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