Remember this?

Now, generally, I believe that governments have a duty to keep certain SECRET information under lock and key ... neither you nor I nor a "public interest researcher" has a right to know the details of, for example, the frequency hop set of an air search radar on our new Canadian Surface Combatant warships. But, … Continue reading Remember this?

Immigrants, racism and the Conservatives

Yesterday the Globe and Mail published a lengthy analysis of social media content by freelance journalists Shannon Carranco and Jon Milton. they assert that Canadian far right (AltRight) extremists "come from all walks of life: tradesmen, soldiers, a student teacher, a financial analyst, an aspiring lawyer, among others .. [and] ... they are in every … Continue reading Immigrants, racism and the Conservatives

Dealing with the new China

Two articles in the Globe and Mail caught my eye: First, almost two weeks ago, Paul Chapin, who was a Canadian diplomat for more than 25 years and whose foreign postings included Moscow and Washington and who also served as head of the Soviet section at Foreign Affairs and director-general for international security, writes that … Continue reading Dealing with the new China

Power Projection

I have argued, in the past, that the strategic role of power projection is one at which navies excel and, some would argue, it is one that only a navy can do well. Navies can prowl the oceans and remain 'on station' near a potential troublespot or a strategic 'choke point' for protracted periods, and … Continue reading Power Projection

Et tu Freeland?

Back in the autumn of 2018, Gerry Nichols, writing in the Hill TImes, opined that the 2023 election would be more interesting than the 2019 version because, by then, Chrystia Freeland would be leading the Liberal Party. In January of this year, before the Philpott/SNC-Lavalin/Wilson-Raybould crisis, an opinion piece in Carleton University's weekly newspaper noted … Continue reading Et tu Freeland?

The ‘Good Grey Globe’ gets it; so should the CPC

The Globe and Mail, in a recent editorial, published on 14 Apr 19, says "Canada needs immigrants. Canada needs secure borders. These may sound like contradictory claims; they are not. They go hand-in-hand." Bingo! The Globe and Mail editorial writers explain that "Over the past couple of weeks, the Trudeau Liberals have abruptly woken up … Continue reading The ‘Good Grey Globe’ gets it; so should the CPC