Or, maybe this?

I’ve been on and on and on about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s self inflicted wounds problems, ranging from having lost control of our borders through to sabotaging the energy based economy of Western Canada and, most recently, attempting to subvert democracy in Canada.

Then, of course, there is the latest news from the United Kingdom, pretty neatly summed up by this social media ‘spoof’ account:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 18.20.23

That’s all bad enough, but then I saw this, from Reuters, in the Globe and Mail: “Intelligence officials who brief the president [of the United States] have warned him about Chinese espionage in bottom-line business terms. They have used Black Sea shipping figures to demonstrate the effect of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine … [and] … In an effort to accommodate President Donald Trump, who has attacked them publicly as “naive,” the nation’s intelligence agencies have revamped their presentations to focus on subjects their No. 1 customer wants to hear about – economics and trade … [therefore] … Intelligence officers, steeped in how Trump views the world, now work to answer his repeated question: Who is winning? What the president wants to know, according to former officials, is what country is making more money or gaining a financial advantage … [but] … While the professionals do not criticize Trump’s focus, they do question whether those interests are crowding out intelligence on threats like terrorism and the maneuvers of traditional adversaries, developments with foreign militaries or geopolitical events with international implications.” Thus, in a week when India and Pakistan, both, nuclear powers with HUGE armies, and the latter backed by China, traded shots in and around Kashmir the US Intelligence chiefs were, most probably, trying to reassure the president that his tariffs on aluminium and steel are, indeed, hurting Canada more than America.

And now, a reporter for a Montreal weekly paper says that “Several good sources tell me that Trudeau will soon pull the trigger on an early May election. It makes a lot of sense. He cannot have this story  follow him for the next six months. So after his party tables a good news budget, he will tell Canadians that he did the right thing by asking Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General at the time, to intervene in an ongoing criminal prosecution case against SNC Lavalin. He wanted to save jobs and if the opposition has a problem with that he will let the people decide … [and] … Several suppliers who are called upon by candidates in federal elections have told me they were contacted already to  be prepared to  start printing material soon for a May vote. This  would catch the  opposition  off guard. The Tories  do not have all of their candidates (plus they have Maxim Bernier set to split votes in different ridings), the NDP are a mess and the Bloc Québecois are just getting to know their new leader.

And all those things got me to thinking that:


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