Donald Trump’s strategic aim and objectives

There is an insightful article in Foreign Affairs, by Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution, in which he suggests that, at the mid term mark of his first term, the aim and directions of President Donald Trump’s grand strategy is becoming clear. “It has become a commonplace,” Dr Wright says, “to describe the foreign policyContinue reading “Donald Trump’s strategic aim and objectives”

Dealing with a big thing

John Ibbitson, again (I featured one of his columns just yesterday) who is Writer at Large ~ a sort of ‘super-columnist’ I suppose ~ at the Globe and Mail, and  Darrell Bricker, who is Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, are the co-authors of The Big Shift (2013) and Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline (2019),Continue reading “Dealing with a big thing”

Lies, damned lies and the PMO

Some time ago, back in July of 2018, Diane Francis, a veteran journalist, editor, author and commentator said, in an opinion piece in the Financial Post, that “U.S. President Donald Trump is an irrepressible and irresponsible tweeter, but so is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … [when] … In January 2017, Trump imposed a “travel ban”Continue reading “Lies, damned lies and the PMO”

Is the Trudeau brand losing its lustre?

John Ibbitson makes a sound political case in the Globe and Mail. “The 2019 election,” he suggests, “is shaping up to be a referendum on Justin Trudeau’s leadership, which is odd … [because, he suggests] … After only a few years in power, the Prime Minister should not be such a polarizing figure that this fall’sContinue reading “Is the Trudeau brand losing its lustre?”

Whose fault is it, anyway?

Dr John Higginbotham, who was a senior Canadian diplomat whose career included several tours in China and a stint as a very senior official (Assistant Deputy Minister for Policy Development) in the foreign affairs department has weighed in, in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail,  on John McCallum’s problems in Canada and China.Continue reading “Whose fault is it, anyway?”

A Hard Brexit?

This is tied back, a bit, to yesterday’s post about the future of Europe, with or without Britain. Two things caught my eyes last week: First a blog post on The Spectator web site by Ross Clark that noted that there is considerable evidence that British attitudes towards the Brexit are hardening. Mr Clark thinksContinue reading “A Hard Brexit?”

Where is Europe headed?

While it is, nearly, impossible for one to contemplate what the next steps might be in the Brexit fiasco, the remainder of the European Union chugs along … in a way. I see, in an article in the Express, that French President Emmanuel Marcon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have, in a ceremony in theContinue reading “Where is Europe headed?”