Michael Sona, a former Conservative political ‘operator’ who was convicted in the 2011 Robocalls affair, suggests, on social media, that Jody Wilson-Raybould is vulnerable in her testimony, later today:

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 05.34.07.png

Does it really matter if Ms Wilson-Raybould was the source of the information that Steven Chase, Robert Fife and Sean Fine used when they broke the SNC-Lavalin story almost three weeks ago?

It will to some … the Toronto Star and the Liberal propaganda information machine will have a field day trying to persuade Canadians that this is nothing but a personal vendetta which the former attorney general and veterans affairs minister orchestrated to bring down Gerald Butts (and as many others as she could) because she was, they will say, an interfering, conniving, hard to get along with b!tch. And many Canadians, imbued, as they are, with a sense of fair play will decide, for themselves, that this is just inside the green-belt politics as usual and about par for the course in Ottawa … in politics and in the media.

It will not, however, alter the fact, and I assert that it is, after Michael Wernick’s testimony, an indisputable fact, that Team Trudeau, blatantly ignoring the “rules” that are enshrined in the Shawcross Doctrine, put improper pressure on then Attorney General Wilson-Reybould to interfere in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin for partisan, political reasons (albeit, reasons disguised as concern about jobs in Québec ~ where, evidently, 9,000 jobs matter more than 100,000 lost in Alberta due, in some measure, to Liberal pipeline policies and politics.

Her testimony, later today, will prove interesting …  as will the spin, from both pro and anti government sources after it.

2 thoughts on “Checkmate?

  1. Further to the Shawcross doctrine, even considering national economic interest is against the international convention Canada signed in 1997 to combat bribery and corruption in under developed countries. That may be one of the reasons that the prosecution services decided to prosecute.

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