Paul Dewar

I am saddened to learn, just minutes ago, of the death of Paul Dewar, he was only 56 years old …


… I knew Mr Dewar slightly, I wish I had known him better.

He was my local Member of Parliament for nearly a decade. I never voted for him, but only because he was a member of the New Democratic Party and that party’s policies made it impossible for me support its candidates. But I was never unhappy when he won the riding because he was a very good constituency MP.

Mr Dewar and I participated, now and again, in a public forum at uOttawa. We were often, but certainly not always, on different sides of many issues but I always enjoyed discussing the issues with him. I admired his scholarship, his courtesy and his willingness to listen to and understand others’ points of views … I hope some of that rubbed off on me.

Paul Dewar was genuinely decent person and good a gracious public servant in the very best sense of that word. he will be missed by all who knew him.

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