And here’s a ‘news maker’ who makes a serious logical blunder

Faith Goldy, a sometimes media commentator and sometimes political candidate makes an enormous logical blunder on social media …

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 07.36.16.png

… of course it’s not just Ms Goldy who is full of crap; it is the 40% and 57% and 59% of Canadians who are confused about immigration vs. refugee settlement vs illegal migration and they are confused because ‘news makers‘ (opinion leaders) like Ms Goldy insist on propagating rubbish when they should be using their soap box to make things just a wee, tiny bit more clear.

In the interests of making clear the facts which Ms Goldy misrepresented, or, perhaps, which she honestly misunderstands, I will repeat what I have said before:

  • Justin Trudeau is right; legal, proper immigration, increased immigration, maybe even massively increased immigration is good for Canada. Canada needs more immigrants to help us to sustain and grow our economy. Those people who believe that immigrants take their jobs (and that does happen, sometimes, and when it does it happens to those nearest the bottom of the socio-economic ladder) are still better off because immigrants will fund our cherished social safety net and will create new jobs, too … the data on both is clear and unassailable;
  • Justin Trudeau’s heart is in the right place on refugees, even if his brain is, as usual, somewhere else. As a civilized country we have a moral duty to help refugees and that, sometimes, includes resettling refugees in Canada. A better, more utilitarian approach, aiming to do the greatest good for the greatest number, would use resettlement as a last resort and would, instead, do more to help prevent refugee crises (and that might involve taking military action to make peace in some parts of the world) and much more still to help refugees in camps close to their former homes; but
  • Justin Trudeau has  totally bungled in, first, helping to create and subsequently mishandling the ongoing illegal migrant crisis.

The Conservative Party of Canada does need to make both immigration and illegal migration election issues:

  • First, they need to steal Justin Trudeau’s platform position and make it even better. The CPC needs to embrace increased legal immigration, they need to explain to Canadians that we need to be a bigger, stronger country with a more diverse, more vibrant economy and Canada needs new people, legal, properly selected and screened immigrants,  to help us to that … lots of new people, maybe 100 Million by the year 2100. Smarter people than I have explained why we need more immigrants; the Conservative campaign team needs to make that information simple and easy to understand, in formats that are suitable for all those annoying  25 second TV and Internet ads. A Conservative ; policy needs to be unashamedly selfish: they need to tell Canadians that a Conservative government will go ‘shopping’ for skilled, entrepreneurial people who want to come to Canada to work hard and build a better future for their children, and, therefore, for our children, too;
  • Second, the CPC needs to promise that Canada will be generous towards refugees, often those in the greatest need of our help, BUT they should also say that our policies will be utilitarian, aimed at really helping rather than just staging photo ops for the prime minister; and
  • Finally the Conservatives need to promise that they will sort out the god-awful mess that the Trudeau Liberals have made of our border.

The first two seem, to me, to be relatively simple and straightforward. The immigration and foreign affairs departments may need some political guidance, especially about priorities, and, under a Conservative government, they will have to readjust themselves to policies made in the national interest rather than for partisan, political reasons, but, in the main, I think our immigration system is sound.

Making immigration work better may involve being considerably more selective in our initial recruiting campaigns, i.e. focusing our efforts and resources (staff time, in particular) on those countries with a good track record of sending us the kinds of people we want and need the most …


… and, therefore, paying less attention to counties with less stellar records of sending us the kinds of people who fit in and become productive most quickly and in the greatest numbers.

Dealing with the world’s refugee crises, and I think there are more than one, requires some better imagination, some political will and some more, perhaps a lot more, money.

The third will be complex and costly and will, likely, result in near riots in the streets as those who actually want tens of thousands of illegal migrants to settle in Canada, and there are some who want that, vent their anger.

The first is critical and it requires the most voter education (persuasion), but it is less likely to be an issue if Andrew Scheer says, right off the bat, as I believe he should, that: “I agree with Justin Trudeau that we need more, legal, properly regulated, well screened immigrants, and a Conservative government will do a better job of finding the immigrants we want and need AND of excluding and expelling those we don’t want and don’t need” That would be the logical things to do.



Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

2 thoughts on “And here’s a ‘news maker’ who makes a serious logical blunder

  1. All sound, sensible stuff.. That said, you’ll NEVER hear a leader of any party these days concede one millimetre in even hinting the other side has a good idea, even if in principle. #NoMoreShadesOfPoliticalGrey 😦

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