Fair winds and a following sea …

300px-hmcs_toronto_(ffh_333)_3I see in the news that HMCS Toronto, a Halifax class frigate, is “will leave Saturday morning to join Op REASSURANCE in the Mediterranean Sea. The operation is part of Canada’s support to NATO assurance measures in Europe.

Toronto had a few technical issues last year: she lost power at sea and then had a fire. These things happen and problems often come in batches; we can all hope that our ship repair specialists have done their usual first rate work and she is good to go.

HS2013-0811Op REASSURANCE is pretty old hat by now but there is still some risk out there, the strategic situation in the Mediterranean is foggy, at best, and small things can escalate quickly. I’m sure all Canadian join me in wishing TorontoFair winds and a following sea,’ and a safe return home.

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