How to NOT win the next election (2)

Almost three years ago, not long after the 2015 election, I wrote to explain how the Conservatives might manage to NOT win the 2019 election … I explained that while I believe in free speech, and that means I must support the right of people to say the sorts of things that make me very uncomfortable, even angry at times and that, in my considered opinion, will do more harm than good to the causes they support, I wish some people, especially so-called conservatives, could manage to keep civil tongues in their heads lest they paint the entire Conservative Party as what an old friend calls Neandercons. I would illustrate that with this example, from about a week ago:

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 19.32.56.png

I don’t know who the author is … someone I follow on social media copied it without comment. The author, JeepGirl99 also known as @joeblow745 is, of course, entitled to her or his opinion and choice of words. (S)he has a perfect right to say that.

In my opinion, considered again, Justin Trudeau is unfit to be prime minister of Canada, but that’s because he is little more than a sock puppet in the hands of a cynical political machine. He’s a lot of things, including being intellectually shallow, but he’s not a traitor. Calling him that, with expletives at the high port, only makes us all look like the mythical angry old white men who some voters fear are the heart and soul of the Conservative party. I’m old, I’m white and I’m a man and I am dismayed at what Team Trudeau is doing to our country, but he’s just unfit for the office he holds, nothing more.


3 thoughts on “How to NOT win the next election (2)

  1. Ted, I agree completely with your comments on “How not to win the next election”. However, I think it is the frustration of everyday Canadians with a government that increasingly ignores them and one that is so apparently earnest while doing so. In France that same demographic became the yellow vest movement. In Canada, the yellow vests are really quite tame in comparison, very Canadian. The language is wrong, but the elitists who ‘know better’ should not ignore the sentiment behind it.

  2. This may a be a foreign “bot” – a social media profile created by outside actors to simply stir the pot by making controversial statements and using hashtags and other methods to ensure it is propagated. It gets supporters and opponents riled up. I’ve found a few social accounts where, if you start looking, they are clearly produced only for message propagation.

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